Forest Schools

P4 Forest School - Week 11 'Own Choice'

This week P4G were given to freedom to work on anything they wanted during Forest School. They were allowed to work alone or in groups, and had to be willing to share why those choose what they did during our evaluation. The purpose of this was to allow the children to explore their thinking skills and personal capabilities.

Some children wanted to build dens, so had to problem solve as to how to make a shelter with limited materials.

Other children wanted to create pictures and used the materials they found around them to help with this.

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P4 Forest School - Week 8 Length

Today in Forest School P4G were measuring the distance between trees. The initally had to measure using items on the ground, but then they were able to use bamboo sticks, trundle wheels, metre sticks and measuring tapes. This Forest School lesson was a great way to bring numeracy outside.

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P4 Forest School - Week 9: Area

As Primary 4 have been learning about area, today in Forest Schools we challenged our pupils to find the area of leaves. They began by using non-standard units (such as daisies, sticks, pine cones and plant petals). After a discussion, the children realised there was a need to use standard units, so they were all given cubes.

We also discussed how best to find the area of a large square which had been set out. The children worked together with some wool to create their own squares inside the large square and we counted them together.

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P4 Forest School - Week 7: Fractions


Today in Forest School P4G were developing their learning on fractions, with the focus being on equivalent fractions. In pairs and groups, the children filled two sixths of a hoop with different items they found around them. Then, the children moved their bamboo sticks to see that two sixths were the exact same size as one third.

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