Forest Schools

Forest School Family Programme


We are delighted to be involved in the Forest School project again this year which is managed by the Northern Ireland Forest School Association (NIFSA).Forest School is an exciting and innovative outdoor educational experience that has been shown to be hugely beneficial to all those taking part.

P4 will be involved in numerous Forest School sessions once again. These sessions are all outside and might include den building, camouflage games and exploring nature. For further information please visit the NIFSA website on and

Why not get involved yourself with Forest Schools by joining the Forest School Family programme. Register on-line, carry out 6 activities in your local Park with your children and you will receive a personalised certificate for your family. You will be given ideas on what you can do and no experience or expensive equipment is required.

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P4 Forest School Week 12

Today in Forest School we linked in our current WAU topic of 'Journeys.' The children, in groups, had to create a picture illustrating one or more of the modes of transport that we have studied. It was fantastic to see the groups work together in their creations, but the best part was listening to each group describe what they had created and the decision making that their group had made during the session.

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P4 Forest School - Week 11

Today in Forest School our lesson had a RE link. The children worked in groups to create a biblical scene. The ground was their canvas and they had to create either a 2D or 3D picture of a scene their group decided on. After these were created all the children walked around the different creations and guessed which scenes they were. This lead to a lot of healthy questioning and discussion.

During the evaluation it seemed that those who didn't enjoy today's lesson was based on the fact they didn't have enough time. The good thing about this is that all our Forest School activities can be done at home in the back garden or at any park (this particular activity is also great fun on a beach!)

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P4 Forest School - Week 12

Both P4 classes got outside to do Forest School today. One of the classes using measuring tape to measure the width of the trees during a tree identification lesson as part of their 'Wild Trails' project, a project which will earn us points for the next level of Green Tree Award. The other class worked on creating trails for different creatures. This task involved them having to come up with features such as 'Roller coaster Tree,' or 'Tightrope Root,' giving creatures a fun trail through our woodland.

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P4 Forest School - Week 10

Today in Forest School our pupils met 'Sally Squirrel.' The task was to create a Woodland Workout which an animal could use. This gave great opportunity for using thinking skills and personal capabilities. A huge thankyou must be given to our two volunteers who led the lessons!

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