Forest Schools

P4 Forest School Week 6

In Forest School this week Primary 4 did numerous activities. One activity was bug hunting. This started off with some pupils hiding 'woollen worms.' Then other pupils had to hunt for these 'woollen worms' as well as real bugs. Some bugs that were found included millipedes, centipedes and woodlice.

Another group of pupils carried out a whole school litter pick using the litter grabbers provided by the Council. Five bin liners of rubbish were cleared up.

Miss McAnearney's class carried out a range of maths investigations outside. It was a great day to be outside with the mild weather.

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P4 Forest School Week 5

On our first Monday back after the Easter break P4 got outside for some Forest School work. One class worked on coordinates, and worked in groups to map read. The other class spend time den building, creating dens for different forest animals.

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P4 Forest School Week 3

P4 braved the elements and got out for another Forest School session on their first day back after Storm Emma. Today, two sessions took place, with one class working on estimation and measurement, and the other class taking part in a story telling art lesson.

The class working on measurement had to estimate and measure different areas of our Forest School base. They used different types of measuring tapes, metre sticks, trundle wheels and non-standard units of measurement such as their own feet to estimate and then measure different lengths.

The class working on story telling listening to a Forest Based story, and then had to create scenes from the story which were then explained to the rest of the class.

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