Forest Schools

P4 Forest School - Week 12

In Forest School this week, we connected art with mathematics. The children were set the task to create concentric circle pictures, using only the materials they could find on the ground around them. They worked in groups of four to create their pictures and had to choose location, design and manage their time on the task.

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P4 Forest School - Week 9

This week during Forest School P4G were taken by Miss Herron to do a maths lesson on 2D shape and symmetry. After the children were split into groups, they had to create several 2D shapes on the ground. After this, they had opportunities to identify lines of symmetry on these shapes.

This was a great way to consolidate learning on 2D shapes and symmetry.

P4 Forest School - Week 10

Primary 4 still got out to have a Forest School lesson today. They worked in groups to recreate some of the 2D shapes they've been learning about. Then they placedĀ cubes and/or string around the perimeter of their shapes.

To extend this, the pupils thenĀ used a tape measure to work out the exact perimeter of their shapes in cms.

P4 Forest School Week 8

This week our Primary fours went out for two separate sessions of forest schools. One class built bug hotels, using vegetable peelers, tent pegs, elder wood and anything else they could find.

The other class worked on numeracy, revising 2D shapes and lines of symmetry.

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