Forest Schools

After School Nature Rangers @ Moira Demesne

NIFSA have now set up an after schools Forest School at Moira Demesne. To find out more details, check out their Facebook and instagram pages; 'mdnaturerangers' or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Download this file (After school with tree.pdf)AFFS[ ]237 kB

Forest School - Week 10

Mr Gault's class got out for another Forest School session today, taken by Miss Wright, a Stranmillis final year student teacher.

The children discussed what races they ran on Sports Day, famous sporting heroes and the many sports played around the world. They were then tasked with creating a sporting image. Click 'read more' to see some images.

P4 Forest School - Week 11

This week's Forest School session was all about princesses, dragons, princes and monsters. Pupils got to choose if they worked in groups or by themselves and had to create a favourite 'character.' They could choose one from memory or create their own. The Pupils had to use a range of thinking skills and personal capabilities throughout this task.

Over the last number of weeks some of the pupils have noticed that a robin has been watching us as we are out doing our forest school sessions. We got a few 'snaps' of him or her also.

Click 'read more' to see the creations and our friendly bird

P4 Forest School - Week 9

This week's Forest School task was for the children to create a picture from a favourite movie. The children worked in pairs or small groups and had to come up with a scene from a movie that they all had seen. The children all worked really well together and some of the creations were marvellous.

Click 'read more' to see some pictures.