Forest Schools

P4 Forest School - Week 5

This week, with it being the last week before Easter, we decided to do R.E. through Forest School. The children were placed in groups and asked to create one bible scene using only what they found around them. During the conclusion, each group had a chance to explain what they created and what it meant to them.

There were some fantastic creations. Click 'read more' to see them, along with the children enjoying their outdoor learning

P4 Forest School - Week 4 'Evacuee Shelters'

Today in Forest School P4 imagined they were evacuated children during World War 2 who got lost in the Forest. In groups they had to build shelters using only two sheets of tarpaulin, some clothes pegs and a few bamboo sticks. They were also allowed to use whatever they could find around them, including trees, branches and the fence.

The children all worked very well in their groups and it was interesting to hear of the different problems each group encountered when designed their shelter.

Click 'read more' to see some pictures

P4 Forest School Week 2 - Aerial View

This week in Forest School we created aerial or 'bird's eye' views of our school. We were put into groups and used our knowledge gained from our perimeter walk to create 2D and 3D maps.

The children enjoyed getting outside and working as part of a team.

P4G also were accompanied by 15 PGCE students from Stranmillis, brought to observe ourĀ Forest School by Mrs McClelland. It was wonderful for the student teachers to interact with our pupils.

Click 'read more' to see some images.

P4 Forest School - Week 3

This week in Forest School P4 took their maths outdoors and have to create symmetrical pictures using only the materials they could find on the ground. This linked in very well with the symmetry we've been doing in the classroom. The children worked in pairs to creatively decide what symmetrical picture they were going to attempt to make.

Have a look through the photo gallery to see some of finished images.

P4 Forest School - Week 1

Today saw the start of Forest School for some of our current P4 children. Due to the rain and sleet, we put on our wellington boots and coats and went on a perimeter walk. The children walked over all sorts of ground, and helped to pick up litter that they came across. During the evaluation, the children said they had found parts of our school they didn't know existed! It was great to still get outside on a wet and cold day like today.

Click the 'read more' link to see some pictures