Forest Schools

P4 Forest School - Week 14

In Forest School this week P4 looked at butterflies. We talked about their importance to biodiversity and learnt some key terms associated with the life cycle of a butterfly. The children then worked in groups of three to create a symmetrical butterfly on the ground.

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P4 Forest School - Week 12

Today was another great day for our P4s to get outside and enjoy Forest School. One of the classes was looking at 3D structures and pictures whilst the other class looked at some of Andy Goldsworthy patterned art work and created art patterns using the materials around them.

Check out the pictures to see what they children created.

Tree Dressing in P4

As part of Forest School, P4's spent a bit of time thinking about the importance of trees. The drew posters illustrating all the important things that trees do for us and then took part in some 'Tree dressing.' Tree Dressing is based on many old customs from all over the world. It brings us closer to the trees that play such an important role in our lives as well as to each other.

This activity also will get us two more points for our Green Tree Awards, taking us closer to the Platinum level.

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NIFSA News MAY 2018

As we are a Champion Forest School, we receive NIFSA monthly news sheets. The May edition is attached.

With the lovely weather we've been having, now would be a great time for your family to become a NIFSA Forest School Family!      

We want to encourage you to get out and enjoy playing with your family in our wonderful local Parks. You do not need any special equipment or have any specialised training to become a NIFSA Forest School Family. Research shows that the biggest epidemic of our time is not going to be obesity but it is in fact simply not getting enough sunlight! By registering to become a NIFSA Forest School Family you will get great ideas for games and fun activities to do in your local Park. Let's get out there today and start playing and exploring.

What do you need to do to become a NIFSA Forest School Family?

Simply register your interest by visiting the following link Zone;vat=1527767899


Download this file (NIFSA Newsletter May 2018.pdf)Nifsa News May[Nifsa News MAY]842 kB