Primary 5

Primary 5 Enjoy Museum On The Move!

Primary 5 recently enjoyed a Museum On The Move workshop via MS Teams.  This is a brand new remote learning programme from National Museums NI.  The theme of the workshop was 'Ancient Egypt - Prepare for the Afterlife'!  This was a very enjoyable and educational workshop.  The pupils were able to explore through an investigation of objects.  They developed their skills in discussing and recording archaeologist evidence.  They also developed an understanding of museum practice of the conservation and handling of the museum specimens.  Primary 5 completed a Case Study Investigation booklet after Session 1 and reported their findings during Session 2.  Everyone had a chance to ask questions and show their research to a member of the Ulster Museum Education Team.

Primary 5 Pledge To Support COP26

Although Primary 5 were not able to attend COP26, they have still been able to make their voices heard!  COP26 is the 26th meeting of members of the ‘United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change‘ (UNFCCC).  Primary 5 have been following the progress of this conference and are aware that COP26 is a huge, important meeting all about taking action against climate change.  Simply talking about climate change within our classroom inspired us to learn more about the Forest of Promises. On 5th November, during COP26, schools all over the world were asked to display their leaves on a real tree, or one they have made and invite parents, local decision-makers and the whole community to see what young people want to change in order to shape a future in which they can thrive with nature.  We decided we could tell YOU all what we think is important and let you know how passionate we are about saving our planet!  Our leaves are on display on the trees leading up to the school path and Forest School area. Take a look through our gallery to see the pledges we have made.

Egyptians Invade Waringstown Primary School!

On Wednesday the 13th October both Mrs Williamson's and Mrs Peacocke's Primary 5 children embarked on an EGYPTIAN ADVENTURE. They all came to school dressed as Egyptians and spent an activity filled day based completely around their World Around Us topic of The Egyptians. Everyone looked spectacular and a big thanks goes to all the parents who helped this day be a great success with supporting us with the excellent costumes, make up and accessories!!

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Primary 5 Enjoy Forest School Fun

Recently Primary 5 have been taking the opportunity to utilize the sunshine as best they could by getting outdoors for their Forest School Activity.  Everyone worked superbly in their small groups to identify the rivers of Northern Ireland and create a name frame from a wide variety of natural resources.  Mrs Williamson and Mrs Peacocke were SO proud of the final results and also by the very positive comments made by the children.  They all expressed enjoyment of the outdoor activities and definitely know their Northern Ireland rivers!  Well done everyone.