Primary 5

Primary 5 Enjoy A Visit To The Ulster Museum to see Takabuti!

Primary 5 thoroughly enjoyed their recent visit to the Ulster Museum in connection with their World Around Us topic of The Egyptians.  The children enjoyed time in the Learning Zone led by a qualified Archaeologist, here they were able to identify and handle various artefacts from Egyptian times before heading up to Zone 2 in search of the famous Mummy Takabuti!  Click on the link below to learn more about what the children experienced through the visit:

Click on the gallery below to view more pictures:

Primary 5 Enjoy Creating Freeze Frames During Drama

Primary 5 enjoyed creating freeze frames during Drama on returning to school after the holidays.  They were given the task of creating a still image to display a scene from either Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.  The children worked in groups using body language and facial expression to depict their scene.  They had to carefully plan the positioning and body shape of each group member in order to represent their ideas and emotions.  Everyone enjoyed this task especially guessing which scene each group were reenacting!! Take a look through their freeze frames to see if you can guess what each group is celebrating.

Primary 5 Numeracy Day 2017

Primary 5 recently enjoyed a range of practical and written numeracy activities for Numeracy Day 2017.  They worked in pairs and in groups to complete activities involving Place Value, Number Pyramids, Shape Sorting, Nets, Rounding Numbers and Tables.  Everyone participated well and reinforced their understanding in all areas of Numeracy covered during the tasks.  Well done Primary 5!