Primary 5

Primary 5 Investigate Penguin Blubber!

Primary 5 had great fun completing an investigation on their topic of Penguins.  The investigation was to find out if a Penguin needs Blubber to survive in Antarctica temperatures.

Together they carried out an investigation to identify whether Penguin Blubber actually insulates a Penguin in cold climates.  Each child got to place their hand into an ice cold bowl of water and then again into a glove insulated with Blubber (lard).  The children compared the results of each and concluded that the Penguin's Blubber is definitely a much needed insulation in the cold climate of the Antarctica!  Take a look through our photo gallery to see how we got on:

Primary 5 Get Practical With Measurement

Primary 5 have been enjoying some practical activities in Numeracy.  One of their recent topics has been Length and they have loved doing practical measuring around both the classroom and school.  In these photographs the children are measuring using metres and centimetres and had the opportunity to measure using a trundle wheel.

Primary 5 Enjoy A Visit To The Ulster Museum to see Takabuti!

Primary 5 thoroughly enjoyed their recent visit to the Ulster Museum in connection with their World Around Us topic of The Egyptians.  The children enjoyed time in the Learning Zone led by a qualified Archaeologist, here they were able to identify and handle various artefacts from Egyptian times before heading up to Zone 2 in search of the famous Mummy Takabuti!  Click on the link below to learn more about what the children experienced through the visit:

Click on the gallery below to view more pictures: