Primary 5

Primary 5 Enjoy Shrove Tuesday!

Shrove Tuesday is also known as Pancake Day, or Pancake Tuesday because it is the one day of the year when almost everyone eats a Pancake!  This was definitely the case in Primary 5 today with everyone indulging in Pancakes!  The children really enjoyed choosing the different toppings for their Pancake and then decorating them before tucking into their delicious treat!

Primary 5W Host Safer Internet Day Assembly

Primary 5 recently hosted a whole school assembly to highlight the importance of Safer Internet Day.  Safer Internet Day was celebrated on Tuesday 11 February 2020.  The assembly was a chance for our whole school community to think about how we use the internet and how we can be kind and respectful to others, as well as keeping ourselves safe while using it.  Primary 5 reminded everyone of how there are many ways to go online and also of the importance of keeping their personal information safe and private.  They told the story of Digiduck's Famous Friend, click on the link below to view this online story. Primary 5 finished their assembly by reminding everyone of the following points:

Primary 5 concluded their assembly with the song 'Walking in the Light of God'.  Everyone joined in to celebrate the importance of walking in the Light of God.

Download this file (DIGIDUCK'S-FAMOUS-FRIEND-2019-FINAL-PDF.pdf)Digiduck's Famous Friend[Digiduck's Famous Friend]9022 kB

Primary 5 Present Powerpoint Presentations

Primary 5 have been busy working on their Powerpoint presentations.  They worked together in Term 1 to compile a group powerpoint presentation on their WAU topic of The Egyptians.  Term 2 allowed the pupils to get to know the functions and opportunities of powerpoint more and resulted in an individual presentation, which they prepared and presented to their peers.  A huge well done to everyone!

Primary 5 Work On Penguin Leaflets

Primary 5 have been busy in class investigating Leaflets.  They looked at a variety of leaflets and discussed the content, colours, text, pictures, photographs and how the overall leaflet is aimed at a specific audience.  The children have been working on drafting and designing their very own leaflet based on the topic of Penguins.  They used the iPads to help them with their research.  They then used Microsoft Publisher to design their leaflets.  

Take a look at our pictures to see how they have been getting on: