Primary 4

P4 Forest School - Week 11: Bible Scenes

This week at Forest School both classes joined together to do their RE lessons. We were looking at some major 'biblical' events, and the children, in their groups, had to create a picture representing the event their group had chosen. The group work was fantastic, as was the weather!

Another thing the children are now doing is following the 'leave no trace' principles, were they ensure no rubbish is left behind. Some of the boys and girls collected a bag full of plastic rubbish.

Have a look through the pictures and see if you can figure out the bible scenes chosen.

Living History Day in P4

Today in P4 the children travelled back in time to experience World War 2.

When the children arrived in their wonderful outfits they went straight up to the Muga. They went on an imaginary train journey back to the 1940s and when they arrived at their destination, names were called out and the children went into different groups. These groups then walked down into the school building to take part in rationing, evacuation, air raid activities, craft, investigations and baking. They also had the chance to look through our wonderful museum of artefacts, created using items provided by the Council and from many of our own parents, grand parents and great grand parents (THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH!)

For break the pupils also had either ham, jam or cheese sandwiches, wrapped in brown paper, and an apple, just like the children of the 1940s.

The children also got to watch some cartoons that were made in the time of WW2 and had a sing a long with many war-time songs.

The highlight of the day was listening to our guest speaker, who answered numerous questions from our pupils. A huge thankyou to Armagh City, Banbridge, Craigavon Council, to our parent volunteers and to all of our pupils for making this such a fun day.

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P4 WW2 Problem Solving

Our P4s have been doing some real life problem solving, thinking about rationing during WW2. They had to ration out carrots, potatoes, sweets and other rationed items and speak to their class about how they carried out their challenge.

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P4G School Trip to Hannan Meats

Today P4G had a 'real' treat, arriving at Hannan Meats in Moira and getting hotdogs on arrival. The class had a fabulous day meeting some of the Hannan Meat team, touring the shop, factory and freezers, and seeing how sausages were made. Peter, David and Eamonn, our tour guides explained to us how important the different weight and volume of ingredients were in making a product.

One of the huge freezers was -20 degrees C...very cold indeed.

We all want to say a huge thank you to one of our parents, Peter Hannan, for organising this wonderful trip. P4McA can't wait until their turn next week.

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