Primary 4

Primary 4 Living History Day

Today Primary 4 dressed up as evacuees and traveled to Palace Stables, Armagh. We enjoyed a day steeped in the 1940's! 

The classes were separated and went to different activities; One was an interactive information session looking at the contents of an evacuee's suitcase and learning about what life was like in homes during the war as well as looking at gas masks for babies and children.

Another station was into a 1940's school room - very different to our own where children were "seen and not heard." Here we made our identity cards and personal labels which would have been with us at all times on our evacuation.

We also met "Sergeant Balton," the GI soldier from Texas. He told us what his job was like and trained a few of us on our gun handling. He even gave us some nicknames, just like he said it was in the army.

In another room, we met the evacuation officer, Mr Heaney. He told us all about how and why evacuation took place. He also told us about the importance of "black outs" for homes and air raid shelters to keep us safe from German bombs. We even visited an air raid shelter in the grounds of the Palace Stables. He made some of us wardens, who kept the rest of the class in order. 

We enjoyed a picnic lunch before heading back to school.

This day has been a great way to conclude our World Around Us Topic! While it was great fun we are all glad however, that we live in 2020 and not 1940!

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P4 ICT and Numeracy

P4 used the iPads to revise their knowledge of triangles and squares. Using the 'Geoboard App' they had to create several different triangles and squares. Once they completed this they had time to design their own images using several shapes.

Some children also got to make shapes followed by other designs on our new 'Mag-Tabs' which only arrived in the school last week (These will be used throughout the school).

The children all loved this activity and it was a great way to infuse ICT and numeracy together. 

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