Primary 4

Primary 4 Perform An Assembly On Kindness

On Friday 26 of November Primary 4 Miss McAnearney's class took to the stage to perform their play, 'Random Acts of Kindness'.  All the pupils took part and performed brilliantly.  There were also two solo parts which were performed by four beautiful singers.  The key message was kindness and we hope that it encourages all the pupils of Waringstown Primary School to show kindness to each other by doing some of the simple acts that were expressed in our play.

P4G Assembly - Operation Blue


This morning P4G performed their OPERATION BLUE assembly as part of Anti-Bullying Week 2018. The theme of Anti-Bullying week this year is 'CHOOSE RESPECT OVER BULLYING.' All the children carried out their roles brilliantly, be it performing, reading or the technical aspect of the PowerPoint.

The message of choosing RESPECT was based around the acronym B.L.U.E. To show respect we should be;

  • Befriending
  • Listening
  • Understanding
  • Empowering

Click 'read more' to see some pictures:

P4 Forest School - Week 11: Bible Scenes

This week at Forest School both classes joined together to do their RE lessons. We were looking at some major 'biblical' events, and the children, in their groups, had to create a picture representing the event their group had chosen. The group work was fantastic, as was the weather!

Another thing the children are now doing is following the 'leave no trace' principles, were they ensure no rubbish is left behind. Some of the boys and girls collected a bag full of plastic rubbish.

Have a look through the pictures and see if you can figure out the bible scenes chosen.