Primary 4

P4G School Trip to Hannan Meats

Today P4G had a 'real' treat, arriving at Hannan Meats in Moira and getting hotdogs on arrival. The class had a fabulous day meeting some of the Hannan Meat team, touring the shop, factory and freezers, and seeing how sausages were made. Peter, David and Eamonn, our tour guides explained to us how important the different weight and volume of ingredients were in making a product.

One of the huge freezers was -20 degrees C...very cold indeed.

We all want to say a huge thank you to one of our parents, Peter Hannan, for organising this wonderful trip. P4McA can't wait until their turn next week.

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P4 practical maths

Today P4 enjoyed a very practical and interactive maths lesson on multiplication and division. We took the idea of bears needing a home. Each hoop that you can see in the pictures represents a home for each of the bears. We started off with a different number of bears and used our problem solving skills to divide the bears equally into each home.

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P4 making Polar Animal ebooks

Over the last couple of months P4 have been studying the Polar Regions. A recent homework was to research a Polar animal. This research, along with planning and preparation in the classroom has led to the creation of ebooks using the iPads. The boys and girls loved playing with all the ICT features of the app and have made some wonderful ebooks for others to enjoy.

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P4 Trip to Palace Stables

In preparation for our World Around Us topic, "Life in the Recent Past," which includes the war years, P4 made a visit to the Palace Stables in Armagh. We were evacuees for the day and enjoyed a day steeped in the 1940's! We started off with an interactive discussion about how WW2 actually started which was very informative. We then had an interactive information session looking at the contents of an evacuee's suitcase and learning about what life was like in homes during the war as well as looking at gas masks for babies and children.

Our next stop was into a 1940's school room - very different to our own where children were "seen and not heard." Here we made our identity cards and personal labels which would have been with us at all times on our evacuation.

Following this we met "Sergeant Balton," the GI soldier from Texas. He told us what his job was like and trained a few of us on our gun handling. He even gave us some nicknames, just like he said it was in the army.

In another room, we met the evacuation officer, Mr Smyth. He told us all about how and why evacuation took place. He also told us about the importance of "black outs" for homes and air raid shelters to keep us safe from German bombs. We even visited an air raid shelter in the grounds of the Palace Stables. He made some of us wardens, who kept the rest of the class in order. 

We enjoyed a picnic lunch before heading back to school.

This day has really made us excited for all that we will be studying in World Around Us! While it was great fun we are all glad however, that we live in 2018 and not 1940!

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P4 Treasure hunt

Today P4 went on a treasure hunt around school to develop their understanding of directions and compass points. They had great fun working out the problems during the hunt.

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