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Day 5 - Flight update

Just a quick post to say that everyone is now onboard the flight ok. All on time - ETA as expected.

Update 1:45pm: Plane has landed safely... SEE YOU ALL SOON!!!

Update 2:45pm: We are now in Moira!

3:07pm: WE ARE HOME!!!!

Day 5 - And we're off!!


And we're off!

We hardly seemed to have closed and eye at all last before it was time rise. Nevertheless, the children ate a hearty breakfast AGAIN!

Everyone is well and excited to see you back in school although hearts are heavy as the trip has as usual just flown by. Hearts may wish to stay but feet tell another tale! A couple of days rest and we could perhaps return to London.

Day 4 - Final thoughts from Mr Kennedy

We finish the day off on Millenium Bridge, with a podcast from Mr Kennedy, summing up the week. Our server seems to be getting alot of traffic tonight, so as before, if the podcasts are stuttering, please click the pause button and let it buffer up for you.

Day 4 - Extra bits and a summing up of the day


The fun filled fourth day is drawing to a close.

We had so much fun from a very well behaved group of children. Staff and pupils mingled in the balmy sunshine of Legoland, Windsor.

Break, Lunch and afternoon snack kept the children firing on all cylinders throughout the day.

We're tired but satisfied as we travel back on the bus into central London for tea.

After tea we hope to take a farewell tour round the sights and a short stroll along one of London's many bridges spanning the Thames. To round the evening off there'll be a frenetic hour of packing! (I can't wait!)

There may not be many calls made tonight but rest assured the children are well and eagerly anticipating a reunion back at school tomorrow.

Here are a couple of photos that came in late.. plus a few extra video clips that didnt make it over the airwaves in time for the earlier podcast.

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