Primary 6

Primary 6 Visit 'The National Stadium'

On Friday 20th April both Primary 6 classes enjoyed a tour of our National Stadium in Belfast. The children were introduced to the 'greats' in our past history. They then got a tour of the stadium, including the changing rooms. To end with we all enjoyed an IFA run workshop. The whole day proved a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Please click the link below to view today's photos.

Primary 6 Sainsbury's Winners

Recently, both Primary 6 classes entered a Sainsbury's competition to design a Fairtrade Poster. Both classes produced some fantastic designs. Mandy and Dave from Sainsbury's Craigavon had the difficult task of choosing a winner from each class. The winners are pictured in the link below with their prizes, which were kindly donated by Mandy and Dave. Thank you!

P6M Fair Trade Assembly

WOW! What an Assembly treat we had today from P6M. The children's theme of Fair trade was taken to a new level with drama, music, YouTube clips and much more. The whole school from Nursery right up to P7 enjoyed learning about this P6 topic. Next time you buy always look out for the fair trade mark.

Primary 6 - Pocket Money Investigation

Are you giving your children enough pocket money? :)

Today in Primary 6 we conducted an investigation into pocket money. This focused on the pupils parents changing their pocket money for 12 weeks. They could choose between two options: 

Option 1 - You get 1p for the first week, but each following week the amount will double. E.g 1p this week, 2p next week, 4p the week after.

Option 2 - Take 50p the first week and add 50p each week so this week you will get 5op, next week 100p, the week after 150p etc.

Working in groups, the children had to make out a spreadsheet to see which option was best for them. We had great fun with this investigation and look forward to the next one.