Primary 6

Primary 6 - Prime Number Challenge

This week in P6 Mr Brown and Mr Mitchell challenged their classes to see if they could learn ALL the Prime Numbers from 0-100. The classes were challenged, not only to learn them but to see who could recite them in the quickest time. The quickest time in each class were filmed and you can see the results below. Mr Brown and Mr Mitchell were very proud of all the children who had a go at this very tough voluntary challenge. Well done to the winners. Both the winners completed the challenge in under 12 seconds!


Primary 6 Viking Boat Hull Investigation

In P6, we have been learning all about how the Vikings explored far from Scandinavia and that they raided, traded and settled in far off lands like Britain.

One of the main reasons they were such good explorers was because they were excellent boat builders. They were able to travel great distances and carry large amounts of people due to this incredible skill.

The P6 pupils were set the challenge of designing a boat hull which could carry the most weight. So today in class they designed and built their hulls using tinfoil.

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