Primary 6

P6 Vikings plunder Waringstown Primary School

Disaster struck Waringstown Primary School on 10th December 2021. Viking Longships were spotted in Belfast Harbour and within hours the savages had entered the churches in Waringstown. Needing slaves, the Vikings went on to pillage Waringstown Primary School...much to the shock of Mr McCambley!! A battle ensued but both Mr McCambley and Mr Gault were no match for the savages from Scandinavia! Within minutes however, the staff joined forces and ably led by the skilful Mr Brown and his general Mr Mitchell, a battle took place which finally defeated the Norsemen at the historic site - the MUGA! This battle, now know as "The Battle of the MUGA" will be told for generations to come. After their defeat, the Vikings scampered back to their longships and left without gold, silver or any slaves. History will tell how the battle altered the course of the Viking onslaught on the British Isles! Please click Read More to view all today's photos.

P6 Zoom with Smokebusters

Primary 6 enjoyed a Zoom Interactive meeting with Smokebusters champion Judith West. Both classes took part simultaneously and enjoyed hearing all about the addictive nature of smoking and how it's best to NEVER give in to temptation. The classes then took part in a rap and enjoyed the chorus! 

Thank you Judith for such a brilliant morning!


Primary 6 Display Boards

It's still only September but the P6 children in both classes have been working ever so hard both at home and in class. Here is a selection of their fantastic work which is on display in the resource area and the classroom. Click Read More to view the display boards.

Primary 6 Viking Day

What an amazing day the P6 children had on Friday 22nd November. Dressed up in costume the children looked fabulous as they learned all about Viking life from a real life Viking!! Freya showed the children all of the weapons used in battle and even allowed the children to try them out. Trade was also looked at and the journey the Vikings undertook to reach their destinations. All in all the P6 children thoroughly enjoyed their Viking day and we thank Freya for bringing Viking life to Waringstown Primary School!

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