Primary 6

P6B Wins Sustrans Trophy

The Sustrans Interclass Active Travel Competition was won by P6B with a 79% uptake in Healthy Travel to School.

This is the first time the trophy has been awarded and Mr Brown is very proud of all his children. The trophy will be awarded each month and encourages children to take part in actively travelling to and from school. Well done P6B!!

P6 learn all about Water

Using Water wisely was the theme for the children in Primary 6. The Water Board provided a talk all about how the children could save water and at the end of a productive morning, presented each child with a water bottle to help them stay hydrated! Click Read More to see some photos of the session.

P6B You couldn't beat it!!

Wow! What and Assembly from P6B we had on Friday morning. The theme was " Beat our best performance" and ALL children in the class had a speaking role. Not one script was in sight as the children performed their play and sketches for the rest of the school. Mr Brown and Miss Steele were so very proud of their class. Well done to P6B! Click Read More for photos of the class assembly!

Primary 6 Visit 'The National Stadium'

On Friday 20th April both Primary 6 classes enjoyed a tour of our National Stadium in Belfast. The children were introduced to the 'greats' in our past history. They then got a tour of the stadium, including the changing rooms. To end with we all enjoyed an IFA run workshop. The whole day proved a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Please click the link below to view today's photos.