Sustrans - Home Activity 1

Dear Parent.

Our Sustrans Schools’ Officer Dave, who pupils will know from his visits to school, will be sending through a weekly video and learning activity which pupils can do at home. These activities are aimed at keeping active, having fun and learning as part of our schools’ involvement in the Active School Travel programme. Please feel free to watch this video together and use the activity sheet (link under video) whilst learning at home this week. You can show Dave how you’re staying active while staying home by tagging @SustransNI on Facebook or Twitter and using #stayhomestayactive in your posts. Enjoy!

Sustrans Dave - Home Activity 1

This activity is all about finding your pulse and raising your heart rate. Please view the video and use the worksheet provided to complete the tasks. This activity can be done on your own or with an older brother or sister, or an adult you live with

Active Travel Award Goes To P5W For January

The Sustrans Interclass Active Travel Award was won by Primary 5 Mrs Williamson's class for the month of January in the Healthy Travel to School Survey.

This is the second time the trophy has been awarded to Primary 5 and Mrs Williamson is very proud of all for their efforts. The trophy continues to be awarded each month to the class with the highest recorded Active Journeys to School and encourages children to take part daily.  Well done P5W!

Ditch the Dark Day FRIDAY 17 JANUARY 2020

As part of the Sustrans Active Schools Travel programme we are having 'Ditch The Dark Day' on Friday 17 January 2020.

On this day we encourage pupils to walk, scoot or cycle to school. They may also wear bright and colourful clothing. Accessories can be bright and creative. 

We would ask for a donation of £1 which will be used by our School 'Eco' Council to purchase items for the school.



Ditch the Dark Day 2020

Ditch the Dark Day 2020 was a huge success, with the school being truly lit up with all the bright and fluorescent clothing. It was great to see all the bikes, scooter and flickers housed in our bike sheds, showing just how many children got involved in our push for more active travel.

Mr McCambley led a superb assembly looking at the importance of 'being seen,' and also the importance of 'being able to see clearly.' He then went onto teach how important it is to give your life to Christ, the light of the world. 

A big thankyou for all your donations, which was totaled at £327. This will be included in the School Eco Council's budget to purchase items for the school throughout the year.

Click 'read more' to see just how bright the day was

P4McA top the Interclass Active Travel Competition for October

Miss McAnearney's P4 pupils recorded 69% of their October journeys to and from school to be 'active,' which was the highest class score for this month. This means that they hold onto the Sustrans Trophy for the next month and each received a small prize for their efforts.

Well done P4McA