Ditch the Dark Day 2019

As part of the Sustrans Active Schools Travel programme we had a 'Ditch The Dark Day' on Friday 18 January 2019.

Many of our pupils walked, scooted or cycled to school. They also wore bright and colourful clothing. Accessories were bright and creative, even bicycles and scooters were reflecting the theme! The money raised will be used by our School Eco Council to purchase some prizes for the winning classes of this years monthly Interclass Active Travel Competition and also to purchase some new equipment for our gardening club.

It was lovely to welcome once again Mr Dave Wiggins, our Sustrans Officer, and also Mr Michael Kennedy from the Department of Infrastructure which helps fund the work of Sustrans. Mr Wiggins led a whole school assembly, were he reiterated the importance of being bright and seen during the winter.

It was a very busy (and bright) day as you will see by browsing through our photo gallery;

SUSTRANS Autumn Term Newsletter

We're delighted to have been mentioned in the SUSTRANS Autumn Newsletter due to our Interclass Active Travel Competition which runs monthly during the year. Mr Brown's class are pictured as they won the competition for November. The Trophy is currently being looked after by Mrs Matthews' class, as they had the highest percentage (90%) of Active Travel Journeys during December.

Who win for the first month of 2019?


Download this file (AST Autumn Term Newsletter 2018_South East.pdf)SUSTRANS Autumn Term Newsletter[SUSTRANS Autumn Term Newsletter]4211 kB

Sustrans Visible Experiment

Dave Wiggins from Sustrans recently spent a morning with our Primary 5 and 6 pupils experimenting High Vis clothing.  The pupils were given tasks to investigate and come up with a conclusion.  Some of these tasks included:

Which person stands out the best in normal daylight?

Which person stands out the best in the dark?

Which person stands out the best in the dark and with a light shining on them?

So which things are best to wear or have if you are cycling, scooting or walking and want to stand out and be visible?

Take a look through the gallery to see how they got on:

Ditch the Dark Day FRIDAY 18TH JANUARY 2019

As part of the Sustrans Active Schools Travel programme we are holding a DITCH THE DARK DAY on FRIDAY 18 JANUARY 2019.

This is a day where we are encouraging our pupils to walk, scoot or cycle to school, along with wearing their brightest clothing. They may also decorate any bikes and scooters in a safe manner.

We will hold an assembly to discuss the importance of being bright and seen on darker days and prizes will be awarded to some pupils who make a special effort.

Parents are encouraged to actively travel with their children on the morning of Ditch the Dark Day.

** If you are unable to walk, scoot or cycle the whole journey from home, please consider a ‘Park n Stride’ option where you are encouraged to drive part of the journey to school, find a safe and suitable place to park up, meet friends and walk the final part of the journey (7-10 mins) – you may find this more relaxing than sitting in traffic. Our suggestions would be to park either close to the Nisa Service Station or close to the Post House Café and Trader D.**

This will be a fun day whilst highlighting the importance of being seen while travelling to school. We would ask for a small donation of £1 per pupil, which will be used by our School ‘Eco’ Council for ECO SCHOOL activities in the future.

P5 and P6 Sustrans Cycling Skills

It was lovely to have Dave Wiggins, our Sustrans Active Travel Officer, taking our P5 and P6 pupils for cycle skills training. Dave has worked very hard for us and helped us achieve our SILVER Sustrans status, so we would like to thank him for all his dedication and hard work.