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Our new school website has arrived just in time for the 2011 P7 London Trip! Every day that we are away, we'll be putting updates on this blog page to allow you to keep up to date with what we've seen and done each day.

Call back every day from April 11th to keep in touch!  

PLEASE NOTE: We've closed the comments on the older posts - so that the new comments are kept together with each day's news... so if you see a message to say that no more comments are allowed, just post your comment under today's blog entry.

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While we are away... please leave your comments on our blog posts!

We've just added a new "Article Comments" facility to our site today in time for the London trip. While the P7 pupils are away, we will be posting up pictures each day of what we've been up to. Feel free to add a quick comment and say "hi!" back.

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Don't forget... the little mail icon above each post Email allows you to send a link via email to friends and family!

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