London Trip Blog - 2019

London Blog 2019 - Day 5 - Travel Updates

15:59 hrs: ETA for arrival at WPS is around 16:35 hrs.

15:09 hrs: Flight has landed in Belfast.  

14:12 hrs: In the air with estimated landing time of 15:03 hrs. Follow the flight live here:

13:31 hrs: Flight delayed. Estimated departure 13:55 hrs (45 minutes late: )

13:06 hrs: Boarded aeroplane and on time for a 13:10 takeoff. Flight tracking will be posted once in the air.

All on schedule. Flight expected to depart/arrive as scheduled. This thread will be updated if there's any news during the day.

London Blog 2019 - Day 3 - Message from Mr McCambley

The children have had a very busy day in London. The weather was extremely kind at HM Tower of London. We enjoyed the visit; especially HM’s jewels. There’s a rumour going round that a few have been brought home for adoring mothers!

St Paul’s Cathedral was our next stop for a whistle stop tour around the nave spotting many of the interesting and varied architectural features of this iconic symbol of London.

After lunch we were straight to the London Eye before heading back for an early evening meal. As you can see the children have all done you proud and look a million dollars as we ‘hit the town.’

A huge and sincere thank you to Mr John Egerton for facilitating all the behind the scenes technology of our wonderful school website and THE London Blog.

A further word of thanks to Mrs J Fitzpatrick as she has single-handedly organised every facet of this tour whilst overseeing all of the relentless work in the School Office. THANK YOU!

Good night from Day Three of London 2019.

Further podcasts to follow tomorrow on Day 4 as it’s less hectic because we are based in one venue for the day.

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    Susan Hanna 9 months ago
    A huge thank you to everyone. Harry had a wonderful trip
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    Thanks to all the staff. Cayden had an absolute ball that's the first time he's been away anywhere without me so massive step. Thankyou all
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    Charlie’s words to me when he were driving away was “oh why couldn’t we have stayed longer!” And “I love my class, why do I have to leave them to go to high school, why can’t we all go together”. To ...
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    Carolyn Houston 10 months ago
    A big Thankyou to all the staff and Mr McCambley for all their hard work and looking after Faith and all the other children so well ,Faith had a fantastic trip ,Enjoy your Bank holiday weekend
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    Thank you to each and every adult that was able to make this trip such a fantastic and memorable experience for Lucy and all the kids. I have one very excited - albeit tired, little girl who has already ...
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    A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who made this trip possible!! Jack is home full of chat about all his London adventures! He loved every minute and he has made such lovely memories! We appreciate ...
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    Lynn Gilmore 10 months ago
    Happy birthday kids. Thank you so much to all the staff you deserve a very relaxing weekend. Lynn & Corey
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    Thankyou for the video and for giving Cayden such a lovely birthday :)!!