Eco activities and competitions

N.I. Water visit P4 and P6

As part of our ongoing eco related curriculum work, P4 and P6 had a visit from N.I. Water. The children learnt about water conservation and how important it is for us to try and save water where we can. The children also learnt that drinking water is so good for us, as it helps to:

  • boost energy levels
  • keep mentally alert
  • keep organs healthy
  • concentrate
  • stop headaches
  • have healthy skin
  • have fresher breath
  • flush waste from our bodies

Last year N.I. Water provided each of our children with a drip free water bottle which we would still encourage them to use. We also received a new water butt which is now in our FS playground, and enough 'save a flush' toilet cistern bags for each of the toilet cisterns in school.



Key Stage 1 take part in The Daily Mile


On Friday 20 September, some of our Key Stage 1 pupils took part in the Daily Mile (along with several other schools in Northern Ireland) in conjunction with the BPS (The British Psychological Society) to encourage our children to walk, jog or run out of doors with friends for just 15 minutes every day.

Professor Nichola Rooney, the chair of the BPS Northern Ireland Branch, said:

“The Daily Mile is a fantastic initiative as it is fully inclusive - every child, whatever their circumstances, age or ability can succeed at The Daily Mile. It also instils constructive habits from a young age which will continue to generate positive behaviour as the child develops.

“The Daily Mile research report finds that children feel happier, more awake and calmer after doing completing the one-mile challenge. And on self-assessment questionnaires, self-esteem, wellbeing and satisfaction all improved. These skills are essential skills that will ultimately help children’s ability to learn.”

It was great to take part in this event, and hopefully our pupils will remember their days of doing 'The Daily Mile.'

Erasmus+ Litter Picking Project

Extending on from the Wrigley's Litter Less Campaign we've been involved in this year, we are now carrying out our own international study on litter. Each school involved in our Erasmus+ Project will carry out on litter pick over the next three months, and then our School Eco Councils will share and analyse the data.

A big thankyou to P7E who did our first litter pick just before we head off for our Easter break.

Wrigley Litter Less Campaign - Pick 6

Today we completed our sixth litter pick as part of the 'Wrigley Litter Less Campaign.' Some of our P7 Wrigley Litter Picking Team worked with the assistance of some of our junior pupils to pick up litter on the adjoining laneway at the bottom of the path and along the main road up to the entrance of our main gates. The amount of litter was noticeably less with only half a bin liner being collected.

As an Ambassador Eco School we are delighted to be involved in such a campaign, which is a joint initiative of the Wrigley Company Foundation and FEE, currently running in 15 countries. We want to not only reduce litter but also change long term behaviour.