London Trip Blog - 2018

London 2018 - Day 5 - Travel Updates


We have arrived safely into The George Best Airport.

ETA 4.30pm.

Please park, as before, right round in the Key Stage One car park and avoid parking near the top portion of the avenue near the MUGA pitch as the coach will need plenty of turning space.

We may not get a chance to speak to each of you personally at the collection point but have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend! Sleep will be required! 

Mrs S Sloan
Mrs J Erskine
Mrs P Gordon
Mr A Mitchell
Mrs A Parker
Mrs S Williamson
Mr C McCambley 


Flight is just on the runway now at Heathrow. Live tracking status can be found here: 



All on time. Safely at the airport and on schedule. 


It's been a busy morning of finishing off the packing, organising cases onto the bus and finally breakfast!

We are currently onboard the coach and making good time towards the airport.

Revisit the website to keep updated on our travel arrangements during the course of today.

London 2018 - Day 4 - The Hamley Experience

Almost all the money is spent!!! After a VERY busy day at Legoland the children have enjoyed their shopping experience at Hamleys. Heading back to the hotel for a final flurry of packing and hopefully followed swiftly by a sound nights sleep!!!

Signing off for Day 4 of our London Experience.

London 2018 - Day 4 - Breakfast

It's hard to believe that we have already entered Day 4 in London! Children and staff had a sound nights sleep and are up and ready to intrepidly embark on their adventure to Legoland.

As you can see from the pictures the children are fuelling up for the experience!

Keep watching the blog for further updates!

London 2018 - Day 3 - Waringstown Style Hits London Town

Update from Mr McC @ 6:35pm

The children have had a very busy day in London. Despite the damp start at HM Tower of London we enjoyed the visit; especially HM’s jewels. There’s a rumour going round that a few have been brought home for adoring mothers!

St Paul’s Cathedral was our next stop for a whistle stop tour around the nave spotting many of the interesting and varied architectural features of this iconic symbol of London.

After lunch we were straight to the London Eye before heading back for an early evening meal. As you can see the children have done you all proud and look a million dollars as we ‘hit the town.’

A huge and sincere thank you to Mr John Egerton for facilitating all of the behind the scenes technology behind our wonderful school website and London Blog.

A further word of thanks to Mrs J Fitzpatrick as she has single-handedly organised every facet of this tour whilst overseeing all of the relentless work in the School Office. THANK YOU!

Good night from Day Three of London 2018.

Update from Mrs Williamson @ 6:26pm

OH THE STYLE!!!!!!! Well the coach has arrived and all of our Prince and Princesses are onboard! Great excitement in anticipation of our theatre visit this evening ... and that's just the Staff!!!  

London 2018 - Day 3 - London Eye

The London Eye Experience 2018!!

What a mixture of weather we had on our London Eye experience ... from sunshine to showers! The conditions did not dampen the enjoyment for the children, everyone took the opportunity to get some photographs of their friends and the wonderful sights of London. Some even managed a wee selfie! 

Dinner is calling as we travel back towards the hotel. We have been extremely busy fitting The Tower of London, St Paul’s Carhedral and then the London Eye in. Everyone is hungry and looking forward to returning to the hotel to get organised for one of the highlights of the week!!  

Please click the READ MORE link to view the complete photo set:

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    Phone me when u get home Aaliyah and tell me what cool presents you got me!! Haha!! Mum can't wait to see you love you xx
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