Class Cards for the Jubilee!

Each class designed and worked on their own Class Jubilee Card for HM The Queen with a personal message of congratulations inside.

Well done everyone!

Lunch Boxes

Dear parents

The Lunch Box should ideally house everything your child needs to eat at Break and Lunch. We would prefer a Lunch Box as opposed to Lunch Bags initially.

Space is going to be at a premium with children remaining within classroom bubbles. Therefore, we want to establish good routines before being overwhelmed with too many items.

The children will NOT be able to refill bottles from the Water Filters as they are seen as a red flag area for transmission.

Parents should pack a small bottle of water in the Lunch Box each day. It will go home daily for a wash and a refill.

The school has purchased Plastic Zip Folders which will be given to each child on their first day.

If there are any snack bars or drinks such as Fruit Shoots that do not fit in your child’s Lunch Box, please place them in their Zip Folder as the folder will stay on the rack under your child’s desk.

Please remember that the school has quite a large number of children in multiple classes who are allergic to nuts. These children require EpiPen. The school is a NUT FREE zone and we remind you to be ever vigilant and mindful of this when packing your child’s Break and Lunch snacks.

C McCambley