London Blog 2019 - Day 5 - Travel Updates

15:59 hrs: ETA for arrival at WPS is around 16:35 hrs.

15:09 hrs: Flight has landed in Belfast.  

14:12 hrs: In the air with estimated landing time of 15:03 hrs. Follow the flight live here:

13:31 hrs: Flight delayed. Estimated departure 13:55 hrs (45 minutes late: )

13:06 hrs: Boarded aeroplane and on time for a 13:10 takeoff. Flight tracking will be posted once in the air.

All on schedule. Flight expected to depart/arrive as scheduled. This thread will be updated if there's any news during the day.


#1 Andrew caldwell 2019-05-03 18:38
All home safe and sound thanks so much to everyone.a special mention to Mr Mitchell for helping zach with his medicine everyday,much appreciated :-)
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