Primary 7

Primary Seven Visit The Argory

After our first visit being postponed due to the snow, Primary 7 were able to step back into the Victorian era at The Argory, near Armagh, just before we broke up for the Christmas holidays!

The visit connected with the current World Around Us topic of The Victorians. The children were involved in a most creative day as they found out that so many of our modern day Christmas traditions have their roots from Victorian times. Children made Victorian Christmas crackers with quilled cards and also made a corn angel. The fact that wealthy and poor children had a totally different Christmas 'experience' was also developed over the day.

Our children enjoyed the visit very much, especially the Christmas recitation on the landing of the Argory staircase which culminated in the singing of Away in a Manger.

Please see the link below for more photos.

Primary Seven Technology Challenge – Front Doors

Primary Seven have been busy during the last few days of term putting into practice their electrical skills by designing and constructing working electrical models. Some models have a working light bulb, others have door bells or a burglar alarm.

Great fun was had by all and team work was much in evidence!

Primary 7 Young Enterprise

A number of children from both Primary 7 classes enjoyed a very successful day at Asda selling "Christmas in a Bag". The children had set up their own business and produced the bags in the classroom themselves. 

Many thanks to Mr Gordon and Mr Cordner for their help and advice, and to the parents and classroom assistants who helped with transport and selling at Asda.

The children have gained so many skills by taking part in the Young Enterprise scheme and again thanks must be given to Mrs Helen Fitzpatrick for her guidance and for Asda for allowing the children to sell in their store in Portadown. We may have some entrepreneurs in the making! Watch out Lord Sugar!!