Primary 7

WPS Wish P7 Leavers A Fine Farewell!

This is a video presentation on behalf of the school for our P7 Leavers.  We wish each one of them well as they embark upon the next phase in their education.  

Thank you for your years of constant support.  We have valued your loyalty and encouragement down through the years.  Working, Playing and Succeeding Together is our motto and you have embraced this wholeheartedly as we've striven TOGETHER to give only the very best to your children.  Thank YOU!

Best wishes to everyone!

Mr C McCambley


STEM Day In Primary 7

Motoring Ahead with P7

The bright sparks in Primary 7 have been learning all about electricity. We have made simple circuits, series circuits and parallel circuits to light more bulbs than Lurgan Christmas lights. James Connor from Sentinus visited each class and showed us how to make an air powered balloon car. It is very likely that by the time P7 are doing their driving tests most cars will be powered by electricity so we investigated motors and discovered how they work. Using a battery pack we swapped balloon power for a motor to power our cars. There was no stopping us as we experimented with 4 wheel drive, double battery packs and extra motors to refine our designs. We also had fun with solar power and spinning magnets. Watch out Elon Musk - the next great electrical invention of the 21 st Century could come from one of our amazing WPS P7 pupils.


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Japan in Colour - Primary 7

In term 1, P7 Mrs Erskine's class​ have been enjoying learning about the culture of Japan. This was of special interest to everyone after watching the recent Olympic games.

They have researched Japanese fans and various types of Japanese art. The children have drawn and painted their fans with such themes as cityscapes, dragons, cherry blossom and carp fish to name but a few. The finished display is very attractive and the children are rightly proud of their efforts! As you can see they're definitely Fantastic!! 
The class have been busily researching and preparing their presentations on various aspects of life in Japan. Japan is the focus of their World Around Us study on the developed 
The children have chosen topics such as Japanese food, sport, school, culture, technology and fashion.They are still working on their Arita plates and 'The Wave' paintings. We may even get a chance to try some Sushi. 
Keep an eye on the website for further updates and photographs!

P7E have been as 'Busy as Bees'!!

Did you know, there are about 25,000 types of bees in the world, with probably more species awaiting discovery?

Were you aware that most species are solitary, that males cannot sting, and that collectively, they help to pollinate an estimated one third of all the food we eat?

In our first term Primary 7 have been learning about bees and how we can help them...

Take a look at the photos when we enjoyed tasting some honey on toast! The class have enjoyed learning all about bees and how important they are as well as designing beautiful honey posters and labels! It definitely has left them buzzzzzzing!! The definitely have become a force to 'bee' reckoned with!