Shannaghmore Trip Blog - 2020

Day 1 - Comes To An End ...

Everyone has had a great first day despite the weather … the children have been busy.  Activities today included an adventure walk as well as a super beach walk this evening.  Everyone has participated in all activities and are definitely feeling the need for a good nights sleep.  All are now in bed and ready to sleep in anticipation of another action packed day tomorrow.  Keep an eye on the website for more photos and updates over the next few days.  Over and out from Shannaghmore Day 1!

Day 1 - An Enjoyable Evening Activity To End A Busy Day!

Our evening activity was a very enjoyable and dark beach walk! Everyone had fun sliding in the sand dunes, lots of tired faces on our return to Shannaghmore!! Hoping for a settled night for another adventurous day tomorrow.

Shannaghmore 2020 - How to leave your comments

Just a quick message to the new 2020 Shannaghmore blog to say that you don't need to log into the website to leave a comment.

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