London Trip Blog - 2014

London 2014 - Day 5 - We're off!!

It's incredible to think that our London Educational Field Trip is drawing to a close. The children have been in good health and thoroughly enjoyed the London Experience.'

There won't be many further updates today as the airport is incredibly stressful but no news is good news.

Please do keep an eye later on in the day to check our progress. I will endeavour to add our flight details and arrival times in Belfast.

London 2014 - Day 4 - Thank you to Mr Egerton

Dear parents,

We would like to express our thanks to Mr John Egerton (parent and web design expert extraordinaire) for our wonderful School Website and London Blog. What a marvellous innovation to the life of our school. I know from your comments you greatly appreciate this facility.


Mr McCambley

London 2014 - Day 4 - Mr Kennedy sums up his final trip

A landmark evening in London for us all but especially Mr Kennedy, our esteemed Principal as he ends the tour in this his final year with us as he embarks on another exciting chapter of his life called retirement ... Better known as freedom.

We wish Mr Kennedy and his wife Margo God's richest blessing as he retires from school in June.

Sarah Douglas (nee Edwards) Edwards a former Classroom Assistant in Waringstown, now Teacher Training in London, caught up with us to meet the children and touch base with the staff.


London 2014 - Day 4 - THANK YOU MR KENNEDY!

For us it's been an incredibly busy time so our week has gone in a heart beat. Let's hope the weekend lingers long to aid recovery!

We're off for our final visit of the week. The children are all in good health and another hearty breakfast has them well prepared for the day.

For Mr Kennedy this day must bring mixed emotions as this will be his last official visit to London with Waringstown Primary School. The staff on the trip would like to express our thanks for his OUTSTANDING service to the school, not least his annual leadership and Pastoral care afforded to all in London on the Field Trip.

23 London visits from Waringstown school with an average of 50 children attending makes almost 1200 children. That's an amazing service to our school community.

 Mr Kennedy

Thank you Mr Kennedy!

Latest London Comments

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    Susan Hanna 9 months ago
    A huge thank you to everyone. Harry had a wonderful trip
  • London Blog 2023 - Final Thoughts from Mr McCambley

    Nicole Hanna 9 months ago
    Thanks to all the staff. Cayden had an absolute ball that's the first time he's been away anywhere without me so massive step. Thankyou all
  • London Blog 2023 - Final Thoughts from Mr McCambley

    Katie Kane 10 months ago
    Thank you all so much! You have truely given the children wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Isabella has been buzzing since she arrived home and is brimming over with stories of the fantastic ...
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    Thank you so much for a fabulous week for the 2023 P7s! Elijah absolutely loved it and has talked non-stop about all the fun he had. Thank you to each person involved in making this trip happen, you ...
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    Melissa Hamilton 10 months ago
    Charlie’s words to me when he were driving away was “oh why couldn’t we have stayed longer!” And “I love my class, why do I have to leave them to go to high school, why can’t we all go together”. To ...
  • London Blog 2023 - Day 5 - Picture Catch Up

    Carolyn Houston 10 months ago
    A big Thankyou to all the staff and Mr McCambley for all their hard work and looking after Faith and all the other children so well ,Faith had a fantastic trip ,Enjoy your Bank holiday weekend
  • London Blog 2023 - Day 5 ETA

    Gillian Quin 10 months ago
    Thank you to each and every adult that was able to make this trip such a fantastic and memorable experience for Lucy and all the kids. I have one very excited - albeit tired, little girl who has already ...
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    Claire Savage 10 months ago
    A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who made this trip possible!! Jack is home full of chat about all his London adventures! He loved every minute and he has made such lovely memories! We appreciate ...
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    Lynn Gilmore 10 months ago
    Happy birthday kids. Thank you so much to all the staff you deserve a very relaxing weekend. Lynn & Corey
  • London Blog 2023 - Triple Celebrations!

    Nicole Hanna 10 months ago
    Thankyou for the video and for giving Cayden such a lovely birthday :)!!

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