Primary 1

Baby Teddy Visits Primary 1

P1 had a very special visit from Mrs Wilson and baby Teddy to help them with their Baby Topic.  Mrs Wilson brought in lots of equipment that she needed for baby Teddy and talked to us about how she uses it all.  We asked lots of interesting questions and learnt lots about babies.   Thank you so much Mrs Wilson and Teddy for coming to visit Primary 1. We loved having you back in school!

Primary 1 Send Off Santa Letters

Primary One children recently took a walk to the village post box to post off their letters to Santa. The children came to school with ideas of what gift they would like and decorated their letters beautifully. We then wrote the address onto the envelope to make sure they will reach Santa successfully. When we arrived at the post box we met a postman in his post van and got a picture taken with him. We are now waiting patiently on a reply from Santa and are trying to be extra good before Christmas Day!

Primary 1 Visit The Greengrocers

As part of our Green Topic, Primary One went to the village greengrocers to investigate what fruit and vegetables are green. We selected green peppers, green grapes, green apples, pears, celery and lettuce to purchase and took them back to school to taste. We then recorded in our World Around Us books which fruits and vegetables we found tasty and which ones we weren’t so keen on!

Thank you to the greengrocer and thank you also to Mr McKittrick who accompanied us on our walk to ensure we crossed the road safely. We enjoyed every part of this village walk!

Primary 1 Investigate Pumpkins!

Primary One had a fantastic day investigating pumpkins. We learnt that they are vegetables and how they grow from a seed in a pumpkin patch. We looked at the pulp and the seeds and carved a friendly pumpkin face. Mrs Jenkinson made delicious pumpkin soup for both Primary 1 classes to taste. It was yummy and very healthy! We had 2 pumpkins stories – ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper and ‘The Pumpkin Patch Parable’. The parable contained a Christian message. A bible verse can be found on the back of the masks which we made during Structured Play. Enjoy looking at the photos. Can you guess who we are behind our masks?