Primary 1

A Police Officer Visits Primary 1

The Police Officer came to visit the boys and girls in Primary 1 today.  She taught us two very important numbers to phone if we need the police.  She said we must phone 999 if there is an Emergency and we must phone 101 if we need the Police but it is not an Emergency!  The Police Officer showed us the different items she has on her belt and we loved when she handcuffed our friends.  Thank you for coming to visit us Police Officer and for teaching us so much about your special job and thank you for keeping us safe!

Primary One Enjoy A Visit From The Paramedics!

As part of their 999 emergency services topic P1 had a special visit from a Paramedic.

The children had great fun exploring the ambulance. They tried on helmets and coats and even got the chance to sit on the stretcher.

Their highlights included going up on the tail lift, seeing the flashing lights and hearing the siren. Seeing a real ambulance first hand helped them to produce super pictures of ambulances using the correct colours and markings when they returned to class. Enjoy looking at the children’s experiences!

Primary 1 Enjoy A Visit From Baby Poppy


Primary 1 are currently engaged in a Baby Topic. To help us with our topic we had a visit from beautiful baby Poppy and her lovely Mummy, Heather.  The children discovered lots of new information about babies and learnt just how much a baby needs looked after and cared for.  Heather was able to show the children a variety of items that Baby Poppy needs.

Thank you so much Heather and Poppy for coming to visit Primary 1.  We loved having you both!

Primary 1 Bulb Investigation

The Primary One children observed Hyacinth bulbs.  The teacher cut the bulbs in half and the children looked at them using magnifying glasses.  They then planted two bulbs - one in a bulb jar with water and one in the soil.  They put them both into the dark to grow roots and shoots.

The Primary One children will watch how their bulbs grow and turn into beautiful Hyacinth Flowers in time for Spring!  We will have to have patience though!