Primary 1

School Patrol Officer Visits Primary 1

Mr McKittrick visited the Primary 1 children. They looked at his uniform and learnt how his coat is fluorescent so he can be seen in the dark and that it has reflectors to help the cars see him.

The children went outside to practice how to cross the road safely with his help. They know to hold an adult’s hand, wait until Mr McKittrick calls them and to walk in front of him.

We remember to always say ‘thank you’ as he helps us to cross the road.

Primary 1 Investigate Jelly As Part Of Their Red Topic

Primary 1 made lots of new discoveries when making jelly as part of their “Red Topic”!

They watched the jelly cubes melt when the boiling water was poured on.  A wooden spoon was used to stir the jelly.  The jelly liquid was put into the fridge to cool and set.  The next day we checked the fridge and the jelly was no longer a liquid, it had set!  It was wibbly, wobbly and ready to eat!  We all agreed it was the best jelly ever! It was DELISH!

Primary 1 Fly To The Sun!

On Friday Primary One children had a day they will never forget!

The children came to school dressed for a flight to the sun. They checked in with their passports and luggage. Mrs Wilson gave them boarding passes and the children went through security and into the departure lounge. Captain McCambley (in his pilot’s uniform) greeted the children and called them when the aeroplane was ready for boarding.

After take-off the children relaxed and enjoyed an inflight snack served by members of the Cabin Crew. The plane landed safely and we all enjoyed an ice pop in the sun. To make the occasion extra special the children enjoyed their lunch al fresco!

It was a really special day as you can see from the photographs – enjoy looking through them all!