Primary 1

Primary 1 Investigate Jelly

Primary 1 made lots of new discoveries when making jelly as part of their “Red Topic”!

They watched the jelly cubes melt when the boiling water was poured on.  A wooden spoon was used to stir the jelly.  The jelly liquid was put into the fridge to cool and set.  The next day we checked the fridge and the jelly was no longer a liquid, it had set!  It was wibbly, wobbly and ready to eat!  We all agreed it was the best jelly ever! It was DELISH!

Primary 1 Get Creative With Their Farm Topic!

Unfortunately due to the current situation we are finding ourselves in, the boys and girls from Primary 1 have been unable to experience their school trip to Streamvale Farm.  They have been working so hard, learning about all the different animals they'd hoped to meet on their trip to the farm.  Here is a video they have made which includes many of these animals.  Huge thank you to Mrs Brown and Mrs Park for the compiling and production of this video.