Primary 1

Primary 1 Bulb Investigation

The Primary One children observed Hyacinth bulbs.  The teacher cut the bulbs in half and the children looked at them using magnifying glasses.  They then planted two bulbs - one in a bulb jar with water and one in the soil.  They put them both into the dark to grow roots and shoots.

The Primary One children will watch how their bulbs grow and turn into beautiful Hyacinth Flowers in time for Spring!  We will have to have patience though! 

Primary 1 Think Road Safety!


Our school Crossing Patrol Officer Mrs Hall came into the Primary 1 classrooms to teach the children about the importance of Road Safety!  We fondly call her the 'Lollipop Lady' because her big sign is in the shape of a lollipop.  We listened really well and learnt about her special fluorescent uniform with reflectors which she wears so cars can see her better.  She reminded us to hold an adults hand and not to cross the road until she walks out and stops the traffic.  She will call us when it is safe for us to cross.  We must remember to walk in front of her and always say 'Thank you' 

We then went out into the Primary 3 playground to the 'pretend road' and practised what we had learnt.  Mrs Hall was delighted with how well we remembered the Road Safety rules.  Thank you Mrs Hall for doing such a good job and keeping ALL the children of WPS safe!

Primary 1 Jelly Investigation

Primary One made lots of new discoveries when making jelly as part of their 'Red Topic'.


They watched the jelly cubes melt when the boiling water was poured on.  Everyone helped stir using a wooden spoon.  Then they put the jelly liquid into the fridge to cool and set.  The next day we checked the fridge and the jelly was no longer a liquid, it had set!  It was wibbly, wobbly and ready to eat!  We all agreed it was the best jelly ever!  It was DELISH!