Primary 2

Primary 2 Embark On The Polar Express!


Primary 2 recently had a ‘Polar Express’ themed week in school.  To start the exciting fun filled week the children came to school dressed in their pyjamas and teachers were the train conductors! The children enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a cookie while watching the Polar Express movie.

Each child received a very exciting gift at the end of the day – ‘THE BELL’!!!!!  J J

Primary 2 Enjoyed A Visit From The Dental Nurse

This week in Primary 2 we have been learning about keeping healthy as part of our 'Wonderful Me' topic.  Today, we had a visit from Karen Lyness who is a parent in school and is a dental nurse.  She taught the children about good dental hygiene and showed us how to use disclosing tablets.  These colour your teeth and show up areas of plaque (blue is old and red is new) and they teach us how to brush properly.

The children had opportunities to brush an enlarged set of teeth and each child took home a dental pack which included their own toothbrush!  A huge thank you to Mrs Lyness for coming in and bringing in a pack for each child.

Primary 2 Apple/Numeracy Day 2017

Primary 2 enjoyed taking part in Apple and Numeracy Day.  Everyone came to school dressed in the colour of their favourite apple.  The day started with the children investigating the inside of an apple and making their own apple prints.  Everyone enjoyed apple treats for break including apple juice and apple jam.  After break the apple theme continued into Numeracy with the children having great fun playing apple related numeracy games like Apple Bingo and also outdoor apple games like Apple Apple Pear.  Everyone had a really good day.