Primary 2

Primary 2 Visit Palace Stables


Primary 2 travelled to Armagh Palace Stables today for our ‘Apple Trip’.  We learned how apples come from the tree, to the factory, to the shops and to our homes.  We saw how apple juice was made in the 1700’s and how to make apple potato bread.  We made our own apple core using card, lollypop sticks and string. A super day was enjoyed by all the children! J

Primary 2 Get Busy Making Apple Pies

Children from Primary 2 recently got busy with apples!  They stewed the Bramley apples with Mrs McCracken and then, together as a whole class, made the pastry, rolling out the dough and cutting a circle shape for the base and top. They used the stewed apple to fill the pies. Every child loved making their very own apple pie.

The only challenge was keeping it until home time!! J

Primary 2 Pirate Day!

Primary 2 have enjoyed learning about water and pirates in Term 3.  Recently both Primary 2 classes had a full day of Pirate fun!  The children came to school dressed as a pirate or favourite character from the story of Peter Pan, there was a lot of excitement.  Each class heard pirate stories and sang pirate songs.  Everyone got to make two pirate items, a pirate hat and a hook.  They then made a yummy beach trifle!  For snack the children enjoyed a pirate break including pirate boat fruit, plain biscuits and sea water juice (blue juice).  After lunch it was time to search for treasure and every child got to find one gold chocolate coin.  Throughout the day face painting was offered, you can imagine we had lots of pirate beards for home time!

Everyone had such a wonderful day.

P2 Visit Quality Time

This week, both P2 classes went on a trip to Quality Time in Banbridge. We had such an amazing time. As soon as we arrived we were warmly greeted by Natasha, the owner of Quality Time and we knew we were in for an exciting morning.

Firstly, we entered the wonderful outdoor play area and our lovely dry morning suddenly turned into a Winter wonderland. Can you believe that we had snow in June? (see pictures).  Next we went into 2 groups and half of the class were brought into the workshop room while the other half of the class got to explore and use their imaginations around the topic of pirates and water in the indoor/outdoor area.

During the workshop the children had hands on experience playing at a number of stations such as investigating ice, spraying clouds with coloured water, mixing primary colours to make secondary colours, weighing, small world pirate play, marbling etc. We even got to explore live tadpoles. It was absolutely wonderful as the pictures show. Meanwhile in the main area; the boys and girls enjoyed playing in the role play area which had been transformed into a hospital. They also got to explore more in the topic of water by brushing pictures of teeth with toothpaste, washing babies in the bath, playing in the outdoor kitchen etc. They were also treated to a beautiful, healthy snack of fruit, cheese, breadsticks, pancakes, water or milk.

If you haven’t visited this hidden gem, it is a must, you will not be disappointed.