Primary 2

Primary 2's Prickly Hedgehogs

Primary 2 have been learning lots of new facts about hedgehogs. During play this week we enjoyed shaping and moulding our piece of clay into the perfect hedgehog shape. We pinched the clay to help it resemble a snout and inserted lots of wooden sticks and pasta to resemble its spines. The children all had great fun getting their hands dirty and seeing their final master piece. I think you’ll agree they did a great job!

Primary 2 Enjoy Apple Tasting

Our first week of our new topic ‘apples’ has been lots of fun. 

We started the week by planting our apple seeds in the lovely sunshine pretending to be Johnny Appleseed. The children enjoyed getting creative during structured play, making their own apples and painting apple trees. We finished off the week by tasting six different types of apples, we wonder can you tell which child was tasting the Bramley.