Primary 7

Primary 7E Activities

Sushi Tasting in P7E
On completing their detailed study of Japan P7E had an opportunity to try some of Japan's national dishes. Mrs Erskine was very impressed with how adventurous everyone was!!
The children also painted Arita plates. Arita gets its name form a tiny village in Japan where the distinctive style of blue glaze on a white background was created. The completed display looks fantastic even if we had a few attempts before the final product!
Anne Frank (P7E)
As part of the children's work on the Diaries of Anne Frank, the class created her portrait in the style of Paul Klee. Paul Klee who was a Swiss - born German artist is most well known for his painting Senecio or 'the face'.
Christmas Crafts in P7E
Have a look at our wonderful singing Rudolph and our 'melt' of snowmen!!