Primary 6

Primary Six Displays

In Primary Six, we have been working very hard at all areas of the curriculum and have settled well into our Primary Six routines. Now we can share some of the activities that we have been doing from the start of term!

Literacy - Nouns/Verbs/ Adjectives, News and Views with our Talking and Listening, Creative Writing - Viking Saga and Adjective Alien stories

Numeracy - Time - 12hr and 24hr, 2D and 3D Shape, Four Mathematical Processes

W.A.U - The Vikings

PDMU - SMART Internet Rules and All About Me

R.E - The Lord's Prayer and Parables told by Jesus

P.E - Hockey and Swimming

Music - Recorder

Art - Family Crests and Patterns

Please click the Read More link below to view our Class Displays. We hope you like them. Every child's work is always displayed with encouragement for future improvement.

T Brown and A Mitchell