2010-2011 Archive

Primary 6 Wall Displays

Take a look at what Primary 6 have been studying through this selection of Wall Displays. 

FairTrade P6S

Our Fair Trade Wall Display

 Fractions P6S

Primary 6 have been studying Fractions


Thinking Hats P6S

Thinking Hats are important to us in Primary 6

Walt Board P6S

WALT - We Are Learning To!

The Vikings P6 Resource Area

We had a very successful Viking Day in Primay 6


 Viking Jewellery P6 Resource Area

Our Viking Jewellery designs 

The Vikings P6B

Viking Jewellery - the finished products!

 Materials P6B

Primary 6 have been studying Materials as a topic


Michael Morpurgo P6B

Michael Morpurgo is one of our favourtie Authors