Primary 5

Primary 5 Pledge To Support COP26

Although Primary 5 were not able to attend COP26, they have still been able to make their voices heard!  COP26 is the 26th meeting of members of the ‘United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change‘ (UNFCCC).  Primary 5 have been following the progress of this conference and are aware that COP26 is a huge, important meeting all about taking action against climate change.  Simply talking about climate change within our classroom inspired us to learn more about the Forest of Promises. On 5th November, during COP26, schools all over the world were asked to display their leaves on a real tree, or one they have made and invite parents, local decision-makers and the whole community to see what young people want to change in order to shape a future in which they can thrive with nature.  We decided we could tell YOU all what we think is important and let you know how passionate we are about saving our planet!  Our leaves are on display on the trees leading up to the school path and Forest School area. Take a look through our gallery to see the pledges we have made.