Primary 5

Primary 5 Enjoy A Visit To Parliament Buildings

Primary 5 recently enjoyed a visit to Parliament Buildings, Stormont.  They were given the opportunity to visit the Great Hall and the Assembly Chamber.  The children were able to take part in a debate on 'the advantages/disadvantages of school uniform'.  Everyone took part and contributed to the discussion,  the comments were interesting!  The children were then expected to take their vote on the debate and had to make a choice of 'for' or 'against' by walking through a particular door to be counted.  They thoroughly enjoyed this exercise!  Afterwards the children were then given the opportunity to take part in a voting ballot, four pupils were chosen to represent various laws.  Their job was to convince everyone that their law was the best.  The children were then given a ballot paper from 1 to 4 and were asked to place their vote into a ballot box.  The votes were finally counted and the results announced!!  Mrs Peacocke and Mrs Williamson both agreed that they may have a few budding politicians in Primary 5!  The children enjoyed a picnic in the closely located Stormont Park afterwards.  Take a look through our picture gallery to see how the children got on: