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Primary 5 Enjoy A Visit To Stormont Parliament Buildings and Estate

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Primary 5 enjoyed a special visit to Stormont Parliament Buildings where they met local MLA Mrs Joanne Dobson.  Mrs Dobson met us in the Great Hall and welcomed the boys and girls to Stormont.  We were given an outline of the history of Stormont Buildings by a tour guide.  The children of Primary 5 showed a very good knowledge of the building and were able to answer all the questions asked!  Mrs Dobson arranged a special visit to the Assembly Chamber where there was a debate taking place on Budget matters.  The Senate Chamber was also in use where they were discussing Education matters.


After the tour we met with the Ulster Wildlife Guides.  The children embarked on an exploratory walk and bug hunt around the grounds of Stormont Estate.  The children enjoyed the overall trip and we hope that they may encourage you to visit the Stormont grounds over the Summer Holidays!  Click on the link below to view more photographs of our day.