Primary 2

Primary 2 Village Walk

Primary 2 spent a lovely morning walking around Waringstown village, observing the different types of homes and buildings. The children worked with a partner and recorded their findings on their tick sheet. Take a look through our gallery to see how we got on.

Primary 2 Enjoy A Visit From Dr Wethers


Primary 2 had an exciting visit from Dr Wethers to help us learn more about our topic ‘Wonderful Me’.  Dr Wethers showed us lots of pictures of what our bodies look like on the inside and we looked at real x-ray pictures.

He described a typical day in his job and the children enjoyed asking lots of interesting questions.  A big thank you to Dr Wethers for taking time out of his busy week to come and talk to us.

Primary 2 Enjoy National Apple Day

Primary 2 children enjoyed taking part in Apple Day. Everyone came to school dressed in the colour of their favourite apple. The day started with the children colouring and making their own apple prints and completing numeracy apple counting. The class enjoyed apple treats for break including pancakes with apple jelly and apple pastries. After break the children had great fun playing apple-themed numeracy games.  After lunch, the children had fun ducking for apples using forks and playing apple games outside. Happy National Apple Day everyone!

Primary 2 Enjoy Palace Stables Apple Festival

Primary 2 recently travelled to Armagh Palace Stables for the Apple Fest.  The children learned how apples come from the tree, to the factory, to the shops and then finally to our homes.  They saw how apple juice was made in the 1700's and also how to make potato bread.  To end their visit the children made their own 3D apples in the craft room and played lots of fun apple games!  A super day was enjoyed by both children and teachers. 

Primary 2 Plant Seeds In The Sunshine

Primary 2 recently planted apple seeds in the lovely sunshine!  They watered them and are watching them closely as they begin to grow. 

Primary 2 also tasted six different types of apples.  The apples were either sweet or bitter and some were crunchy or soft.  They made an apple graph to see which apples were the most popular ... the Pink Lady came up top in Mrs Munce's class while the Lexon was the most popular in Mrs Boyce's class.