Exciting times for our new Nursery Unit!


It is an exciting time as Waringstown P.S. welcomes its first children into the new Nursery Unit.


We hope your child is excited to be starting Nursery school and enjoys their first days at school. Here are a few reminders for the new term:Please bring your child's 'All about me' box when they come to school during their first week. The box can stay in school over the coming weeks.If you still have to send in your child's passport photos, please drop them into school a.s.a.p!Please label all items of clothing including shoes and remember to put a change of clothes into your child's bag.Please remember to send a coat every day!An adult must always bring your child into the main classroom in the mornings and collect them at home time.Please remember to send Snack Money for September - £2.50 per week in September and £10 per month thereafter. If you are using the Windsor Hill gate to come to school please remember it is pedestrian access only and cars are not permitted to park at the side of the road.

We look forward to welcoming your child to Nursery school and getting to know them over the following weeks. Many thanks for your support. C. Emerson

Nursery Website Section Now Open!

Please note that we now have a "NURSERY" menu option on the website.


Within this menu option you will find 2 sections:

1. Nursery Information - with information about the nursery teaching staff and general information

2. Nursery News - a page which will grow over time with news and announcments.

The normal school website calendar has also had a new category added, so that any relevant Nursery dates and events show up along with the other shcool events.

Nursery Open Evening

Nursery Open Evening - Monday 24th June at 6.30 pm



Parents of the new Nursery children are invited to attend the first meeting of parents on Monday 24th June at 6.30 pm (likely to end at 7.30 pm) in the Primary School Assembly Hall. This meeting will outline the settling in procedures and the phased start times for September in the Nursery Class. We respectfully ask that children DO NOT attend this meeting.

There will also be an overview of the Nursery Curriculum and your child's day will be explained along with various Nursery routines. The Nursery Uniform will also be on display on the evening.

The Nursery teacher and Classroom Assistant will be present at the meeting so it will be important for you to meet these key personnel and to get to know them before September.

We will conclude the meeting with a tour of the new Nursery building and outdoor facilities.