P7E Scratch Project 1 Files - Try it at home!

Our first project was to learn how to start coding in scratch. We learned:

  • How to open up the Scratch coding editor
  • How to add a "sprite" (or character)
  • How to place our sprite on the "stage" 
  • How to move our sprite up/down/left/right
  • How to assign keys to these movements
  • How to add sounds
  • How to change our sprite's "costume"
  • How to start our app by clicking the green flag

Here are some pictures showing how we coded our first app in Scratch:

Here are 2 of our apps in action! When we press the up/down/left/right keys, our sprites moved across the stage! We started to experiment with adding sounds to the characters. 

Below are copies of some of our scratch code. These can be downloaded and tried at home. All you need is a PC, laptop or Mac.

  1. Download one of the attached scratch code files from class - save it to a folder where you can find it again! (maybe on your desktop)
  2. Goto the scratch website at https://scratch.mit.edu/ 
  3. Click the TRY IT OUT button
  5. Pick your school scratch code file, and upload. 
  6. Your project is ready to remix!

Not all of the projects got saved properly - so if your team's code isn't here, open up some of the other projects and have go at remixing it yourself!



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