September Menu UPDATE

Dear parents

We wish to inform you that the Dinner Menu has been slightly amended to ensure that there is a single menu.

This is to facilitate an ease of service and delivery from the Kitchen to 14 classrooms.

Please review the menu to ensure your child is going to receive value for money.

The Kitchen staff under the leadership of our school Cook, Mrs McCormick, have taken every precaution.

Thank you for your continued support!

C McCambley


Download this file (Menu September 2020 -  single choice.pdf)September Menu Update[ ]475 kB

World Book Day Themed Menu

                          Thursday 5th March 2020     

                Hogwarts Stew

                      Billy’s Bangers (Sausages) 

                          Jack’s Magic Beans

                        Peter Rabbit’s Carrots


               “I will never eat a tomato” ketchup

                   Shrek’s Green Swamp Mash


                  George’s Marvellous Medicine

                     Strawberry Milkshake

               Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Cookies

                 Queen of Hearts Shortbread

               Little Red Riding Hood’s Apples

                      Or Yoghurt & Fruit