Safer Internet Day - Tuesday 11 February 2020

Tuesday 11 February 2020 is Safer Internet Day, a day that is very important to our school and pupils. Safer Internet Day is coordinated by the Insafe Network and is celebrated every year across Europe, and in other countries worldwide. In the UK, Safer Internet Day is organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre (, and this year’s theme is “Together for a better internet.”

We believe that internet safety education is a crucial element of the curriculum and an essential part of young people’s development.  In school we will be reminding the children of the importance of online safety and the many positives and also negatives while using the internet.

Safer Internet Day is designed to help you become more aware of the safety messages that your children receive in school in order to reinforce them in your home environment. Please find below the link to find out more about what is happening in the UK on Safer Internet Day at

The ICT Team