SUPA Club Enjoy Their After School Activity

Recently at SUPA we sang 'Let your light shine' and played a 'wrap the mummy' game!.  We learned part of the story of Esther and the memory verse Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for your" declares the Lord.  "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you a home and a future."


SUPA Easter Egg Hunt

At Scripture Union this week we were told the story of Easter by using ‘Resurrection Eggs’.  As each egg was opened it told a part of the Easter story:

Egg 1:  Donkey – Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem

Egg 2:  Silver coins – Judas betrayed Jesus with 30 silver coins.

Egg 3:  Bread – Jesus had the Last Supper

Egg 4:  Praying hands – Jesus went to the garden to pray

Egg 5:  Rope – Jesus was arrested and beaten

Egg 6:  Crown of Thorns – This was put on Jesus’ head.

Egg 7:  Cross – Jesus died on the cross.

Egg 8:  Dice – They cast lots of His clothes.

Egg 9:  Spear – The guard pierced His side.

Egg 10:  Cloth – his body was wrapped and put in a tomb

Egg 11:  Stone – A stone sealed the tomb

Egg 12 – EMPTY! – Jesus rose from the dead.  The tomb is empty!

The children then had to go outside and hunt for each of the 12 symbols from the eggs to tell the Easter story.  It was windy but it was a lot of fun!!!  We loved the chocolate at the end too!

SUPA (Scripture Union Primary Age)


Mrs W French, Mrs D McClelland & Mrs J Matthews

All year
Tuesday 3.00 – 3.45 pm


SUPA (Scripture Union Primary Age) is open to Primary 4 - 7 pupils. The club meets on a Tuesday after school in the Assembly Hall.

The main purpose of the SUPA Club is to learn more about the Bible and of God's love for us and also how to live the Christian life, whilst having fun and making new friends.

There is a varied and exciting programme of events including: action songs, games, treasure hunts, quizzes, craft activities plus the opportunity to lead special Friday school assemblies.

Last term the SUPA Club teamed up with 'Ambassadors for Sport'. This was the ideal opportunity for the 'ambassadors' to teach new football skills whilst at the same time affording them the opportunity to witness about how they follow Jesus in their every day lives.

The SUPA Club also benefited from an after school event held in Lurgan Junior High School, entitled 'Shine'. This event was open to all local Primary Schools' Scripture Unions to come together for drama and worship.

During the year the SUPA Club like to support fund raising activities. Last year they filled pencil cases with stationery for the 'Fields of Life' charity, Hidden Treasures Primary School in Uganda.

Following a visit from a local missionary, the children collected toys and stickers to give to children in Nepal who were receiving speech and language therapy.

Previous projects have involved Tearfund through the collection of 20 pence coins in a 'Smartie' tube to fund an agricultural project in the Andes.