Eco activities and competitions

Erasmus+ Litter Picking Project

Extending on from the Wrigley's Litter Less Campaign we've been involved in this year, we are now carrying out our own international study on litter. Each school involved in our Erasmus+ Project will carry out on litter pick over the next three months, and then our School Eco Councils will share and analyse the data.

A big thankyou to P7E who did our first litter pick just before we head off for our Easter break.

Wrigley Litter Less Campaign - Pick 6

Today we completed our sixth litter pick as part of the 'Wrigley Litter Less Campaign.' Some of our P7 Wrigley Litter Picking Team worked with the assistance of some of our junior pupils to pick up litter on the adjoining laneway at the bottom of the path and along the main road up to the entrance of our main gates. The amount of litter was noticeably less with only half a bin liner being collected.

As an Ambassador Eco School we are delighted to be involved in such a campaign, which is a joint initiative of the Wrigley Company Foundation and FEE, currently running in 15 countries. We want to not only reduce litter but also change long term behaviour.

School Eco Council working on our new Eco Code

Today at the School Eco Council meeting our Councillors looked at all the Eco Code entries. They spent time deciding on what they considered to be our 'Top 10.' These will be displayed at our stand at the Eco Conference this Thursday, and teachers from other schools will have the chance to vote on their favourite.

Thank you to all those pupils who handed in an entry. They all were of a superb standard. 


This is 'Ray Cycle,' our new Eco Mascot. His strap line, our new ECO CODE is;

'Be Clean, Be Green, RECYCLE' 

We had a huge amount of entries into our 'design a new Eco Code' competition and the School Eco Council worked hard together to select their top ten. These top ten were put on display at the Eco Conference held in W5 on Thursday 21st March, with attendees having a chance to vote for their favourite entry. 'Ray Cycle' got the highest amount of votes and so is our New Eco Mascot and Code, displayed throughout the school. You'll see this Eco Code displayed on all eco related correspondence to remind you to 'be clean, be green and recycle!'

Our Interclass Active Travel Competition continues...

During February Mr Gault's P4 class had the highest amount (69%) of Active Travel Journeys to/from school recorded and they'll hold the trophy for this month. Many classes should see an increase in their Active Travel journey's with 'The Big Pedal' soon to begin. Notes about this will be coming home shortly.