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Shannaghmore 2023 - How to leave your comments

Just a quick message to the new 2023 Shannaghmore blog to say that you don't need to log into the website to leave a comment.

Just post your comment beneath each article. Your comment will then go IMMEDIATELY to a teacher's phone for passing on.

After being read, it gets published to the website - so don't worry if your comment doesn't appear for a while on the website.

Latest Shannaghmore Comments

  • Shannaghmore 2023 - Day Four

    Leon Murray 13.01.2023 08:50
    Hi Leon, looks like you’re having so much fun. Looking forward to hearing all about it this afternoon.
  • Shannaghmore 2023 - More Day 3 Photos

    Leon Murray 13.01.2023 08:47
    Hi Leon. Looks like you’re having a great time. Looking forward to hearing all about it this afternoon.
  • Shannaghmore 2023 - Day Four

    Peter Munce 13.01.2023 08:23
    Photos are fantastic joseph! Your classmates and you look like you’re having an amazing time. Look ...
  • Shannaghmore 2023 - Day Four

    Debbie Neish 13.01.2023 08:10
    Charlie, The ropes course and wall climb looked so much fun! Enjoy your last morning and can’t wait to ...
  • Shannaghmore 2023 - Day Four

    Michelle 13.01.2023 07:20
    Hi Abigail ! Hope you are having great fun! From all the picture, you seem to be enjoying yourself !
  • Shannaghmore 2023 - Day Four

    Lynn Ardis 13.01.2023 06:50
    Hi Ebony, we're so proud of you and love seeing you do all the activities. It looks like you've had the ...
  • Shannaghmore 2023 - Day Four

    Libby lyttle 13.01.2023 01:47
    Woohoo!! Go Libby! Well done for climbing the wall as we know you’re not too keen on heights lol dad ...
  • Shannaghmore 2023 - More Day 3 Photos

    Jenny Nolan 13.01.2023 00:22
    Hi Ollie, loving all the photos, looks like you having so much fun, can’t wait to see you and hear ...
  • Shannaghmore 2023 - Day Four

    Victoria Lawrence 13.01.2023 00:12
    Hi Erin! Loving the pics from your adventures so far. Looks like you are all having a great time! We ...
  • Shannaghmore 2023 - Day Four

    Chris Peacocke 13.01.2023 00:05
    Hi Matthew. Well it looks like you've had an amazing time. Now that you have been up high so much and ...