London 2015 - Day 4 - Our last night

Some pictures from tonight. Please call back before you switch the lights off tonight as we will have one more podcast for you (approx 10.20pm).


#2 Neil McCauley 2015-05-01 09:54
Morning all! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the staff for making this trip an amazing experience for Dylan and all the children. Lifetime memories!!
Have a lazy weekend and I'm sure everyone will enjoy being off on Monday. Thanks again Neil and Maureen
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#1 Greer Geddis 2015-04-30 23:14
Hi Ethan,
Looks like you had a great time in Lego land. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. A massive thanks to Mr McCambley and all the teachers. Lovely to see Mr Kennedy again. Safe travels Mummy, Daddy, Aaron and Lucy. XOX
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