London 2015 - Day 3 - Out and about


#6 Neil McCauley 2015-04-29 17:28
Hi Dylan! It's Madeline, I loved the postcard,You look like you're having a great time in the photos and I'm looking forward to you coming home!!!!!Jesse says he hopes you enjoyed the London Eye.
Eli was talking to you on a toy phone today!
We're all missing you Bye
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#5 Jennifer Anthony 2015-04-29 14:47
Hi David (Ruddell), Have been following your trip in London. Great to see you are really enjoying yourself and tucking into the food and joining in with the sightseeing. The photos are really great and keep us all informed of what you are doing on the trip. The teachers look like they are having fun too. We hope the rest of your trip goes well.
Your friends, Roy, Jennifer and Ruth
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#4 Auntie Lisa 2015-04-29 13:27
Hey David, good to see you enjoying yourself!!bring some of that sun home with you please we are freezing!Headin g up shortly to sort out the greenhouse, enjoy the rest of the day! love you !Auntie Lisa xx 8)
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#3 Neville Johnston 2015-04-29 13:16
Hi lucky duck Jack J, it's Nanny Fee here, I see you've been very busy! The hotel is very plush! Wish I was there too! The blog is great to see what you are getting up to. Enjoy the rest of your amazing trip. See you Sat, lots of love xx
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#2 Mrs Alyson Johns 2015-04-29 12:28
Hi Lucy, Day 3 already! Good to see you are having a great time in Sunny London! Don't forget to buy yourself a little treat this afternoon! It is fantastic watching podcasts and looking at all the great photos! Thank-you teachers for all your care. Lots of Love, Mummy x
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#1 D McElhinney 2015-04-29 12:23
Good afternoon Jonny. I hope you are having a great time and that you are looking after Mrs McElhinney in my absence! Make sure she gets her pocket money. Love Dad.
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