WELCOME to Waringstown Primary School

Our Eco School

Our School Pollinator Garden

We are delighted to have our 'outdoor classroom' up and running. Without the School Pollinator Grant from 'Live here, Love here,' it wouldn't have been possible to create


Sustran Winners - Primary 5W

The Sustrans Interclass Active Travel Award was won by Primary 5 Mrs Williamson's class for the month of January in the Healthy Travel to School Survey.

Primary 5 and Mrs Williamson are very proud of all for their efforts. The trophy continues to be awarded each month to the class with the highest recorded Active Journeys to School and encourages children to take part daily.  Well done P5W!

KIER Sustainable School Project


A big thank you to KIER and their Sustainable School Project which has seen the creation of our new Wildflower Meadow. KIER have prepared the ground, provided the wildflower seeds, built new bug hotels and benches and spent time working with some of our P6s making new bird boxes.

KIER have asked us to thank you, our parents and residents of Waringstown, for your patience during the recent installation of the gas works.

We look forward to seeing the 'KIER Wildflower Meadow' grow over the years ahead.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Eat Them to Defeat Them

We are delighted to be taking part in the multi-award-winning Eat Them to Defeat Them campaign. In 2022 the campaign reached over 1 million children in 3,850 primary and special schools. We are encouraging all of our pupils to eat more vegetables,even those fussy eaters who rarely eat any vegetables at all. 

Please have a look at the attached pdf for more information.

Download this file (ETTDT_SchoolGuide-2023_Digital.pdf)ETTDT[ ]8418 kB

P4G Our 'Rubbish' Assembly

Today P4G presented Our 'Rubbish' Assembly to the whole school. We highlighted the issues surrounding waste and how we need to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We also used this as an opportunity to talk about our Ambassador Eco School status and celebrate all that we've achieved in our Eco journey this far.

A big THANK YOU to one of our P3 pupils


One of our Primary 3 pupil's made a bird house for the school.

Having studied the topic of ‘Birds’, this young man took it upon himself to make this wonderful birdhouse.

A very talented craftsman!

Ambassador Eco School promotes 'One Big Opportunity'

As an Ambassador Eco School, we want to empower our young people to influence government policy, despite being too young to vote. The Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs has launched a consultation to develop a 25 year plan for our environment. We can take advantage of this One BIG Opportunity to make a real difference by responding to this consultation and put these important issues on the map.

The deadline is 5pm on 23rd December 2019.