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Nursery Home Learning Links

Here are a few suggestions for Nursery home learning linked to our May Minibeasts Topic…


·       Go for a minibeast hunt in your garden – can you name the minibeasts you find? Talk about colour, shape, number of legs etc

·       Use the internet to look at pictures of common minibeasts and have a go drawing or painting your favourite minibeast!

·       Use old junk art material eg. Yoghurt pots to make a 3D minibeast

·       Use lego or other construction material to make a minibeast

·       Use play dough (or make dough) and manipulate the dough to make minibeasts – adding the correct parts – eyes, feelers, legs etc

·       Make spider biscuits using plain round biscuits, icing sugar and laces to cut into 8 legs

·       Physical movement and role play – can you pretend to be a minibeast? Crawling on ground, hopping two feet together,

        slithering along ground. Play guess who I am?

·       Sing rhymes and songs from the May rhyme sheet about minibeasts

·       Watch Minibeast Adventures with Jess (youtube)