WELCOME to Waringstown Primary School

Waringstown Primary School

Welcome Back To School!


Welcome Back to School!

The staff have been working exceptionally hard in preparation for the return of our children to school. The school looks very well thanks to the hard work of our dedicated cleaning staff!

Children should return to school on Thursday 29 August.

The gates open as normal at 8.45am and lessons commence at 9.00am.

                     Primary 1              Home at 12.30pm

                     Primary 2 - 7         Home at 12.45pm

NB Children do not stay for lunch / dinner Thursday 29 and Fri 30 August.


Primary One Times for August and September

Parents of Primary One children are of course very welcome to escort their children to their new classrooms where Mrs Brown and Mrs Jenkinson or Mrs Park, Mrs A Hall and Mrs Morrissey will greet them for their first day! Please remember that during the months of August and September Primary One children go home at 12.30pm.

Children with Asthma

We respectfully ask that all children who suffer from asthma, even if it is seasonal, come to school with their new inhalers which the staff will keep in school in case of emergency use. Our Asthma Register will be updated at the end of September.

Children with Epipen / auto injector

Parents of children who require an epipen should visit the school prior to Thursday 29 August with the new Epipens etc if the ‘old’ auto injectors are out of date. All staff have been trained in the use of Epipen. Epipens may be left with Mrs Fitzpatrick in the Central Office.

Anthisan Ointment

Please sign the Anthisan Ointment pro-forma which is being sent home via each class teacher. We are aware that the school is plagued with wasps at present and the ointment consent allows us to immediately alleviate a child’s pain should they be stung. Thank you!



We remind you that Waringstown Primary School operates a nut free and kiwi free policy as we have several children with SEVERE ALLERGIES. It is vital that you continue to support us in this matter to ensure the safety of ALL children.

As many food products contain traces of nuts it is also our policy that children should not share food at Break or Lunch time. Please talk often about this with your child prior to school commencing.

The Windsor Hill Pedestrian Gate

The gate will open at 8.45am and NOT before.

Please note that the Windsor Hill development does not have a drop off facility. Neither does it have a car park where you may stop, park and accompany your child into school or the Nursery Unit.

The Windsor Hill access gate is a PEDESTRIAN GATE ONLY.

2.00pm Home time

The 2.00pm home time is always a cause for concern.  It is most helpful if your child knows where you will be for collection time. Try and stand in the same place. It is very confusing for children and staff if you are collecting children from various points or gates. In order to help safeguard the children, three Classroom Assistants will be on duty in pink fluorescent waistcoats. Mrs A Parker will, as usual, be on duty at the Windsor Hill pedestrian gate. Miss C Hill and Mrs S Davidson will be on duty at the main school home path again in pink fluorescent waistcoats. Please note that in line with Education Authority guidelines staff may not step over our gate to ‘manage’ collections.

It is important that children return to these Classroom Assistants should they be unable to find you at home time. You will also be able to spot the assistants easily and find your child.  We have these measures in place to safeguard the children.           



Nursery Parents

We eagerly anticipate the arrival of our Nursery children in August and September and trust that they will soon settle into their new routines.

Nursery parents are expected to accompany their child into the Nursery Unit where Mrs C Emerson (Nursery Teacher) and Mrs A Gilpin (Nursery Assistant) will meet, greet and help to settle your child into their new routines.

Parents are again expected to come into the Nursery Classroom to collect their child at the end of the nursery day which is between 11.45am.

School Meals

Please click Dinner / Meal image on the school website to view and download the August / September Dinner Menu. Please note that at the time of writing, dinners are £2.60 per day or £13.00 per week.

Primary One children will start staying for Lunch / Dinner in the week beginning Monday 02 October.

Primary One children will go home at 2.00pm from this date onwards.

If you think you are entitled to Free School Meals simply collect the relevant form from Mrs Fitzpatrick in the School’s Central Office.

Fruit Stop

The Fruit Stop (Healthy Break Shop for P3 - 7) opens for business on Monday 09 September. The Fruit Stop is a non-profit making enterprise run by the Primary 7 children and kindly overseen by Mrs J Erskine (Primary 7 teacher).

Mrs Erskine will post the shop products on the website and each class will have a Product / Price List displayed in their room.

After School Activities

Please note that after school activities will start in late September or early October. Each teacher / leader of the activities will inform children of the correct start date. Further information should also appear via the website and September Newsletter.

Access to school via the Main Driveway

Parents are respectfully reminded that access via the main school driveway is restricted to staff only. Children should under no circumstances walk up this avenue even with a parent. Children should not be 'dropped off' in the school grounds.

The Building Contractors are still working on the new Staff Car Park. The pedestrian path is almost complete which means we will be able to accept children through their normal pedestrian route. We must remain vigilant until the contractors have finished their work and the school campus is totally safe once again! Further details to follow.


We as a school community greatly appreciate your help as parents in setting high standards of discipline. We ask that you support the school in this matter as we greatly appreciate our already strong home / school partnership.

Mill Hill traffic flow

We have been aware of the heavy traffic flow at the bottom of the Mill Hill junction over the last number of years. We request that parents parking and waiting for their children at The Village Mace wait at 'The Grange' side of the Mill Hill near the public telephone box. By doing so, parents can escort their children across the road if travelling to the shop car park or indeed along the Main Street.

Please be aware that a permanent patrol is not possible at this very busy and dangerous junction.

Download this file (Dinner Menu - September 2019.pdf)Dinner Menu - September 2019[Dinner Menu - September 2019]265 kB