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Safer Internet Day - Tuesday 05 February 2019

Primary 5 recently hosted a whole school assembly to highlight the importance of Safer Internet Day.  Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday 05 February 2019.  It is a chance for our whole school community to think about how we use the internet and how we can be kind and respectful to others, as well as keeping ourselves safe while using it.  Primary 5 reminded everyone of how there are many ways to go online and also of all the favourite apps they may use.  They told the story of Zap and Zoom who enjoyed using the internet but needed to make the correct choices. Primary 5 finished their assembly by reminding everyone of the following points:


If you’re unsure or need further support then speak to an adult for help and advice.


If what you’re doing online might affect somebody else, always ask their permission first.


If you’re sure you’re happy with what will happen next then it’s okay to say yes.


If something makes you worried, uncomfortable or upset it’s always okay to say no.

Please discuss with your child/children the importance of the safe use of the internet.  Click on the link below to view our Powerpoint Presentation:

Download this file (SID2019 Assembly for Waringstown Primary School-Final.pdf)Safer Internet Day Assembly Powerpoint 2019[Safer Internet Day Assembly Powerpoint 2019]2350 kB