WELCOME to Waringstown Primary School

Waringstown Primary School


cid:A7C7E4E7-4F48-4644-8446-B15870C09985Important Information for the weeks ahead!

Dear parents

The main January Information Sheet will follow later in the month. However, we wish to highlight several issues which are of great importance.

Nursery & Primary One Applications

The Nursery and Primary One application process is now open. There is a link and Prospectus available for your perusal on the School Website.

                                                            Applications close at 12 midnight 31 January, 2019

Staff Car Park

The Education Authority has commenced work on the long awaited new Staff Car Park and we are delighted by the major capital investment in our school campus and facilities. You will all be aware that the neighbouring bungalow, adjacent to the pedestrian entrance, was purchased by the Education Authority early last year. Following an intensive period of preparation, the site is about to be cleared and added into our grounds to form the new Staff Car Park.

The building programme is scheduled to last for 16 weeks.

There is no doubt that the forthcoming work will cause major disruption to the school access; both the main avenue and the pedestrian path!

With this in mind we ask that you factor in additional time to allow for drop off and indeed collection.  

Our main concern is the health and safety of our children as they enter and leave school. The main pedestrian path from the main road which passes Noah's Ark will also become a cause for concern as this will become a site access for heavy vehicles. The main car avenue into school is also going to be widened and with this in mind, please be aware that parents must not be driving into the school grounds to drop off or collect children! You may block or frustrate the heavy vehicles or indeed be blocked in the grounds for a long period of time!

Text Box: The side path where After School Clubs collect children is also now closed as this is where the new access road is being constructed to allow staff access into their new car park. Please arrange alternative collection points with Child Care Nurseries and child minders.



NO child will be able to go home or be collected this way as the path will be closed!

Approximately 60 large trees are to be felled in preparation for the site clearance and re-levelling process.  There will be tree surgeons working within the grounds and heavy vehicles, along with a team of workmen as of today (Wednesday 08 January). Therefore, we ask that you are as flexible as possible with us. There may be occasions where we have to 'hold' children back from the usual home times to ensure the contractors have prepared a SAFE pathway home for our children. We will endeavour to hold back for no more than 10 minutes if we have to!

The contractors are aware of times when there will be a large number of children arriving or leaving ie.    

 8.30am – 8.45am        (Children and parents arrive and wait at the pedestrian path)

 8.45am - 9.00am         (Whole school arrival)

 11.45am – 12 noon     (Nursery dismissal)

 1.55 - 2.10pm              (P1 - 3 dismissal)

 2.55 - 3.10pm              (P4 - 7 dismissal)

 3.55 - 4.10pm              (Extra-curricular Clubs dismissal)

Thank you for your continued support and flexibility over the coming months.

C McCambley