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End of Term Assembly - The True Meaning of Christmas

Recently the whole school came together for Morning Assembly and Santa came too along with elves, reindeer … the WORKS!
Santa gave Mr McCambley items which remind us of the REAL meaning of Christmas – Christ’s birth.
The Fir Tree
An evergreen tree which is like God’s love for us which is everlasting. Tree points upwards as do the needles to point us to heaven.
The Star
The Christmas Star is a sign of promise. God’s special promise to us at Christmas is that He sent us His Son to save us from our sins.
The Candles / lights
The lights remind us that Jesus came as THE LIGHT of the world!
The Christmas wreath reminds us of God’s love for each one of us. It has no beginning and no end!
Santa is the best known Christmas ‘character’ …  he reminds us of the kindness and generosity shown  at Christmas as people exchange gifts. Again God’s generous love caused Him to give us His Only Son!
Reminds us of immortality. It reminds us of Christ’s Crown of Thorns and the red berries remind us of the blood which Jesus shed for us when He died on the Cross.
Christmas is all about giving. The Kings brought gifts to Jesus when He was born. God gave His Only Son.
The Cane
The Good Shepherd seeks out the lost sheep and uses His cane to save lost souls.
The Christmas Angel
The angels announced the good news of the birth of Christ on the very first Christmas night.
The Christmas Bells
Lost sheep are found because of their tinkling bells which the shepherds used to hang around their necks.
The Manger
At the very end of our Assembly we brought THE manger to  the CENTRE of our Christmas scene! Santa is part of it but Christmas gets its name because of Christ’s Birthday!
Everyone was delighted to see Santa and the helpers and enjoyed learning so much more about the Christmas symbols along with the real meaning of the season.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our school community a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
School re-opens on Friday 04 January, 2019.
C McCambley