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Mini London Marathon 2.6 Mile Event Celebration


Back in September / October of Term 1 our school participated in the London Mini Marathon Event which entailed covering a distance of 2.6 miles over a specified period of time. 

We have been very fortunate to be one of the schools to receive medals for every pupil in the school who completed this distance. 

We are thrilled to have achieved this as a whole school. 

Remembrance 2020

Today saw a very different Remembrance Day within school.

Even though we couldn’t come together in the Assembly Hall, the children were able to sing a hymn and listen to the Remembrance Assembly via their Interactive Whiteboards. The significance of the Poppy emblem and the day itself were explained.

Primary 7 Mrs Sloan’s class came to the village War Memorial to place the school’s wreath at the base of the clock tower too. The oldest boy and girl from the school placed the wreath on behalf of the school.

School Dinners Commence On Monday 07 September 2020

Dear parents

We have established sound routines within school and are now in a position to resume the cooked dinner option from Mon 07 September.

The Eduspot link is working and has proven very straightforward to operate as we move towards our goal of being a cashless school.

The Dinner Menu has now been posted on the website. You simply select the days you wish to purchase a meal over the weekend.

A school meal costs £2.60 / day.

Initially the menu is restricted to one meal option daily. The meal will be delivered directly to the classroom door with cutlery on the plate. Each plate, along with the enclosed cutlery, will be sealed with tin foil.

Primary One children continue to go home for the month of September at 12.30pm. Therefore, this does NOT apply to them.

Thank you for your continued support as we grow in confidence with Eduspot. Should you be experiencing technical difficulties please contact Mrs Fitzpatrick, in the School Office, who will endeavour to connect you to the system.

C McCambley


Re-start Eduspot

Dear parents

The Eduspot email notifications have been issued and we ask that you simply register now following their instructions.

Please check your email Inbox or the Junk box.

NB Children require their own Break and Lunch in August as the School Kitchen may not prepare food in the summer months.

The facility to enable you to order Packed Lunches from the kitchen in September will go live later next week.

C McCambley


Re-start - Nut Free School

Dear parents

We wish to remind you that Waringstown Primary School is a NUT FREE ZONE.

This means that all children are required to have a safe Packed Break or Lunch.

Children should avoid ALL nuts; eg Pesto Pasta Salad. Pesto contains cashew and / or pine nuts. Therefore, pesto sauce in wraps or pasta salads MUST be strictly off the menu in school both at Break and Lunch time.

Kiwi is another food item to be avoided as we have several children with a severe allergy.

Thank you for your ongoing support in this most vital aspect of safeguarding procedures within school.

C McCambley


Re-start Cloakrooms

Dear parents

As children re-start school we will NOT be using the Cloakrooms.

Children should go directly to their new classroom as coats will be kept within each separate classroom bubble.

Movement around the building will be kept to the very minimum. Therefore, classes entering cloakrooms will simply not be possible at peak times. This maintains each class within their protective bubble.

The school’s full ‘Re-start Plan’ which outlines how and when children are to arrive to school and enter the building will be published via the school website once the Education Minister states clearly when and how school’s may re-start!

C McCambley


Re-start Uniform

Dear parents

As we prepare for the return of school please be advised that we will return with our usual uniform options.

We ask that uniform be laundered daily.

Children should wear a blend of Full School Uniform and Track / PE uniform.

Children will NOT be using the Cloakrooms. Instead children will go directly to their class bubble.

We will not be able to use the PE Hall and children will not be taking part in PE activities within the building. However, we will be encouraging classes to continue with their Daily Mile separately outside on our large MUGA (Multi Use Games Arena).




Cardigan - Grey, or school sweatshirt

Blouse - Blue

Pinafore or skirt - Grey

School Tie


Foundation Stage (Primary 1 & 2)

Girls Pinafore - no skirt

If a P2 girl still fits last year’s P1 skirt then please do not buy a new pinafore.

NB We wish girls in the Foundation Stage to wear the pinafore instead of the grey skirt from 2020 onwards.



Pullover - Grey v-neck, school sweatshirt

Shirt – Sky Blue

Trousers - Grey

School Tie


Alternative School uniform for Summer Term

Normal uniform, of course may still be worn.


Girls Alternative Uniform

Blue Gingham dresses



Pale blue polo shirts may be worn with the school

sweatshirt or pullover and grey trousers or smart grey



C McCambley


Re-start Information On Dinners And Lunches

Dear parents

Upon our return to school, during the months of August and September, we will NOT be providing cooked / hot meals for children.

You may send a Packed Lunch with your child. Should you wish to buy a Packed Lunch for your child you will be able to do so via the Eduspot App which we will be operating from here on in.

Our Kitchen Staff will prepare a Packed Lunch should you wish to pay for it.

Children entitled to free School Meals should be applying for their entitlement NOW.

There is a link on our school website to the page where you can download the application forms.

NB If you were entitled to FSM last year, this does NOT carry forward to this new academic year. Please apply now!

Packed Lunches will be brought directly to the Classroom door by the kitchen team. It will NOT be brought into the room as the classroom ‘bubble’ cannot be entered by adults outside the group.

Packed Lunches from home and the School Kitchen will be eaten within the classroom as the Dining Hall is out of use initially so that children remain within their protective classroom bubble.

NB All children require a Packed Lunch brought in to school from home in August as the School Kitchen is NOT allowed to prepare food until September.

C McCambley



Dear parents

As we approach the new academic year, in whatever form the Education Minister deems appropriate, we seek now to outline re-start procedures gradually using the school website as a communication platform.

We will communicate using a blend of articles and short video clips so that children can see that school is still a familiar and safe place. It will also be good for children to see the staff and to learn how they will enter the building as we have made several changes to our normal routines.

We would encourage you to check the School Website regularly now that we are in the month of August as the full Re-start plan will be published soon.

A very important change in school routines is the use of the Eduspot App which will enable school to become totally cashless ie School Dinners, School Fund and all School Trips (when they eventually re-start) will be paid via this Application.  It is not possible to use or pay with cash or cheque from here on in.

Very soon you will receive an email inviting you to download the App giving guidance. Each teacher has been in touch via SeeSaw seeking the email address for the person most likely to select and pay for dinners at the weekend for the following week.  It is worth noting that dinners must be ordered the weekend before.

In August and September the School Kitchen will NOT be serving hot / cooked meals. Instead, a Packed Lunch may be ordered using the Eduspot App. This lunch will be delivered directly to each Classroom door / bubble by the Kitchen Staff. It is anticipated that from October onwards we will start serving cooked meals.

Please do revisit the website regularly and encourage friends and parents to do the same.

C McCambley

Free School Meals & Uniform Grants

Dear parent / s

Please read the current information below from the Education Authority website:

Free School Meals / Uniform Grant Applications 2020 / 21    

·     Current eligible families - Claimants who are currently in receipt of support for the 2019 / 20 year will receive a pre-populated form for the 2020 / 21 year which must be completed and returned as soon as possible. Forms to begin arriving week commencing 06 July 2020.

      New Applicants - New applicants will be able to apply online from Wednesday 08 July 2020. See below for more information and to apply.

The Free School Meals and Uniform Grants Helpdesk is available, to assist any parent / guardians who may have any queries. The Helpdesk operates Monday – Friday, during office hours and can be contacted via email:

Armagh         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The website also contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions which may assist parental queries too.

C McCambley