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WPS Wish P7 Leavers A Fine Farewell!

This is a video presentation on behalf of the school for our P7 Leavers.  We wish each one of them well as they embark upon the next phase in their education.  We always look forward to the Primary 7 Leavers Assembly, which due to the Covid-19 restrictions has obviously not taken place this year.  However, this is a small way of saying farewell to a much loved group of children.  Please be assured that we look forward to better and safer days when the children can return to school and tell us how they are getting on.

A special thank you and fond farewell to some 30 families who end their association with our Primary School as their youngest child now leaves us.  Thank you for your years of constant support.  We have valued your loyalty and encouragement down through the years.  Working, Playing and Succeeding Together is our motto and you have embraced this wholeheartedly as we've striven TOGETHER to give only the very best to your children.  Thank YOU!

Best wishes to everyone!

Mr C McCambley


Primary 7 Leavers Video

The school has been very touched to have received a video compilation from our P7 pupils.  Some parents, who wish to remain nameless, have worked tirelessly and we so appreciate the work that has gone in to producing such a lovely farewell presentation.  Thank YOU!

Nursery Home Learning Links

Here are a few suggestions for Nursery home learning linked to our May Minibeasts Topic…


·       Go for a minibeast hunt in your garden – can you name the minibeasts you find? Talk about colour, shape, number of legs etc

·       Use the internet to look at pictures of common minibeasts and have a go drawing or painting your favourite minibeast!

·       Use old junk art material eg. Yoghurt pots to make a 3D minibeast

·       Use lego or other construction material to make a minibeast

·       Use play dough (or make dough) and manipulate the dough to make minibeasts – adding the correct parts – eyes, feelers, legs etc

·       Make spider biscuits using plain round biscuits, icing sugar and laces to cut into 8 legs

·       Physical movement and role play – can you pretend to be a minibeast? Crawling on ground, hopping two feet together,

        slithering along ground. Play guess who I am?

·       Sing rhymes and songs from the May rhyme sheet about minibeasts

·       Watch Minibeast Adventures with Jess (youtube)

Information On Prolonged Closure

Dear parents

We will keep you informed of how we shall provide work should the school be forced to close for a prolonged period of time.

Further information to follow via the website.

C McMcCambley


Reverend Hawthorne's First Assembly Visit

Everyone in our school community, not least Rev Hawthorne's own family (pictured) were delighted to welcome him to lead his first whole school assembly.  Rev Hawthorne, who is also a Transferor Representative on our Board of Governors, taught the children to STOP and THINK about Lent and the importance of looking forward to the Easter Story and ultimately Christ's Resurrection. 

We will now look forward to welcoming Canon B Martin and Rev Hawthorne into school once a month to lead a morning assembly.

Opus Digital Photography - Tuesday 25 February 2020

Dear parents

This year Opus Digital Photography (Roy Clements) is offering photographs to:

                              P1, P3 & P5.

The idea is to offer the individual and family photograph every other year. However, if your child is in P2, P4 or P6 you can still use the form to opt for a photograph to be taken: we know some parents like the option of an annual photograph! P7 may wish to be included in a family photo too!

                  Family photos are taken early from 8.30am

 Photographs will take place on:

                          Tuesday 25 February

 Please note this date and plan accordingly.