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#OpenToAll Video For Schools

Waringstown Primary School is a controlled school and is #OpenToAll. To find out more watch the video and read about how controlled schools are #OpenToAll here.


WPS Sports Day 2022

Sports day 2022 was a huge success!

The children all enjoyed the races and events.  The day was made ever so special with parents, grandparents and friends in attendance.  Thankfully the rain stayed away long enough for every class to participate and enjoy the day.
Take a look through our photo :-) gallery:

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations 2022

Waringstown Primary School celebrated in style today.  Everyone turned out in their colours to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  The Queen herself even managed a short visit and scoot around the village in her Royal Standard buggy!  A huge thank you to everyone who came out to spectate and cheer us on.  Take a look through our photo gallery:

Accelerated Reading Programme

We are excited to launch our Accelerated Reading programme for  Primary 4 - Primary 7. Please encourage your child to log on, using their personal login ​details, to this specific website and have fun completing the quizzes.

AR Website:



If you are logging on using an iPad or other device scan the QR code below:

We look forward to hearing about your progress.

World Book Day 2022

Waringstown Primary School celebrated the 25th anniversary of World Book Day when both staff and pupils embraced the opportunity to come to school dressed as a character from a book. Across the school the children took part in various fun and creative reading and writing opportunities to really promote a love of books and of reading, not just for pleasure but also for a purpose.  Take a look through our gallery to see how amazing everyone looked:

Ukraine Support

Dear parent / s

All of us cannot help but be affected by the plight of the Ukrainian people at this time.

We believe it is important to 'do our bit' and to this end we wish to offer you some practical ways to help.

Colin Tinsley, a local youth worker, who appeared on television this week is currently working in the refugee camps in Poland where many Ukrainians have fled.

There are two practical options for you should you wish to help: 

  • Donations of Supplies
  • Monetary donations

Should you wish to donate supplies, please see below a list of local drop off points for Saturday morning (5 March) between 10am and 11am:

Tesco Lurgan car park

Moira Demesne car park

Donaghcloney Orange Hall

Waringstown - Hyways-Byways-Missions, 129 Banbridge Road

Banbridge Baptist Church car park

If you wish to make a monetary donation you may do so via the following link:



Helping Ukrainians taking refuge in Poland, organized by Colin Tinsley

My name is Colin Tinsley, founder of Hope for Youth Ministries. I am from ne… Colin Tinsley needs your support for Helping Ukrainians taking refuge in Poland


Also, we intend this year on Red Nose Day (Friday 18 March) to accept donations to help towards the Ukraine Aid Appeal. If you wish to donate you may send a sealed envelope into school or donate via Eduspot.  All proceeds will go directly to a local charity supporting the Ukrainian refugees.  Further details will follow next week.

Thank you to all our parents in anticipation!

World Book Day 2022

Dear parent / s                                                                                                                   


This year (the 25th anniversary) we plan to celebrate World Book Day once again. We are aware that the official day is Thursday 03 March. However, we as a school we will celebrate the event on Friday 04 March.

Children from Nursery to P6 may dress in character.

We are very aware of the additional stress and cost this can cause on a family household especially in these challenging times and we do not wish to see large amounts of money spent!

Children may also choose to bring in a photograph reading in an unusual place, or a prop which reflects their favourite character. Other suggested activities include a photograph of a character’s dining table with clues and props to help others guess who the meal is set for.

Primary 7 may wear their casual clothes on the day and will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of World Book Day with ‘You are a Reader’ workshops and fun activities and challenges.

There is no expectation that everyone should be dressed in costume. We are very aware that some children will simply wish to come to school in uniform and enjoy the activities which will be based around World Book Day 2022. If any child does not wish to dress in costume it is also acceptable to send them to school on Friday 04 March in casual clothes.

Thank you for your continued support!

C McCambley


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    So so brave everyone! Belle were excited to see you tomorrow! Have a great final morning with all ...
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    Thomas, what a day you've had today! You looked like you were having the time of your life up on those ...
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    Jacqueline Balfour 16.06.2022 20:33
    Hi Gabrielle, well done you going up on the high ropes, that’s brilliant and jumping off the rocks ...
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    mechelle clydesdale 16.06.2022 20:23
    Hi Danielle you look like yous are having a great time i see you and Claudia made it to the top of ...
  • Shannaghmore 2022 - Day Four Pictures

    Gemma Johnson 16.06.2022 20:17
    Wow Adam!! It looks like you are having so much fun there! We love seeing all the photographs of ...
  • Shannaghmore 2022 - Day Three - Final pictures

    mechelle clydesdale 16.06.2022 20:15
    Well Danielle i must say im impressed that you and Claudia made it to the top of the climbing frame i ...
  • Shannaghmore 2022 - Day Three - Final pictures

    Sara 16.06.2022 16:19
    Oh Faith you look like your having a great time but it’s not like you to want to get too dirty our ...
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    Fiona Ellis 16.06.2022 15:31
    Hi Adam and Amy. Hope you are having lots of fun and not missing us too much!! Looks like you are all ...
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    Ian Bingham 16.06.2022 10:50
    Looks like you are having a great time Joshua B! The house is very quiet without you here! And guess ...
  • Shannaghmore 2022 - Day Three - Group 2 Get Started!

    Nichola Hamilton 16.06.2022 10:08
    Great pictures Corey, you look like you had a lot of fun on your first day. Hope you have the best ...

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