WELCOME to Waringstown Primary School

Waringstown Primary School

Primary 7 Photos from Hillsborough Castle

Primary 7 finished off their Victorians topic in style with a visit to Hillsborough Castle and gardens. 
We were met at the door of the ‘big house’ by Mrs Lambourne, the housekeeper, who guided us through all the rooms. She told us about the jobs we would do if we were lucky enough to get the position of servant to Lord and Lady Hill. She inspected our hands and teeth and taught us how to curtesy and bow. We also had to guess what some peculiar Victorian objects were used for. 
Unfortunately, Mrs Lambourne discovered we were all a couple of years too young to apply for a position at the house and sent us all back to school. Everyone was relieved as the hours were a bit long and school definitely seemed a lot more appealing than a job - even if it was a in the palace at Royal Hillsborough!