WELCOME to Waringstown Primary School

Waringstown Primary School

Friday 22 January: New Learning Pack collection

Dear parents

The new Learning Packs will be ready for collection once again on Friday 22 January. School will be open 8.15am – 4.00pm.

Learning Packs will once again be set out in the Mall for Nursery, P1 – P3 and the Assembly Hall for P4 – P7. Please wear a face mask and observe good social distancing protocols when in the school grounds and building especially as we continue to have Key Worker children on the site.

It has been very encouraging to receive so many positive comments about the Learning Packs and the materials sent home. Staff have worked very hard to continue to keep in touch using the Seesaw App and we encourage you to keep in touch several times over the course of each week as you balance work commitments. Eduspot continues to be another very useful means of communication for me as Principal during these challenging days as I seek to keep you informed of school routines.

My staff have also commenced their annual Parent Teacher Interviews via the telephone. You should have received the call by the end of the month. Do not worry if you have not been contacted by the staff yet as each teacher is trying to manage a small number of interviews per day as they continue to provide online support to their class.

P1 – P3 are asked to use the ’old’ folder from Learning Pack No 1 (or a named bag of any description) to house the reading books that have already been sent home. Simply return the completed reading books in this ‘old’ folder and leave it on the Year Group table as you collect the new Learning Pack which contains further reading materials. It is VITAL that we do not lose books throughout this process as we've spent much of our fund raising over the last number of years on building up our reading scheme materials. Staff will be in touch also via their individual Seesaw accounts.

We trust that you and your extended family are keeping well and managing to stay safe during these most challenging days.

Be assured we greatly appreciate your continued support in everything we are trying to do for the good and benefit of the children.

C McCambley