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Waringstown Primary School

School Closures

Dear parents

As the government’s co-ordinated response to the Covid-19 virus continues to unravel, we wish to update you regarding the news that school’s in Northern Ireland are to close.

As of the moment (Wednesday 18 March), we wish you to know that Waringstown Primary School will open to children and staff on Thursday 19 March.

On Friday 20 March the school is closed for an Exceptional Closure. This is to enable staff to prepare a work pack for each child. Within the work pack will be guidance on how we will continue to communicate with you using the SeeSaw App. This is a direct means of communication by which we can send home activities, classwork and homework type activities.

Obviously, the work packs will have to be collected from school and with this is mind the main School Mall will be open on Monday 23 March (8.30am – 3.30pm). We ask that you simply collect the work pack from the school Central Mall, avoiding conversation with any other parents in the building at that time.

The school is being thoroughly cleaned on Monday so we ask that you DO NOT move to the classrooms or attempt to speak with staff who may be in the building. It is vital at this time that we avoid contact with other people. 

At this very difficult time, my staff and I extend very best wishes to each member of the Waringstown Primary School community.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all.

C McCambley


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